5.6.1 Hot-Fix Released

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Asking again, perhaps my question missed…

Please clarify the definition of “older device” to play this game.

Serious question. I am looking to upgrade and I don’t want to experience this issue again.

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Would be interessing yes - i would say they meant all devices released before 2022.

Saying that because my PS4 and PS5 were affected :wink:


Maybe they are still waiting to see if the bug(s) got corrected or not. The fix is still in testing phase. :wink:

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My computer is about 5 years old & still running windows 7 & no issues so far…

Oh that is not true. My new iPad air crashes more than my old iPhone 7 plus.

Exactly, @Live.

It would be beneficial for everyone to have the question answered.
The community can then confirm or disprove the “older device” theory.

I find it difficult to believe EVERY Beta tester has, by what we can deduce of the games definition, a newer device.

If everything was perfect during testing, something was changed before the release and not tested. Considering not one person responsible for the release bothered to check the banners, literally 2 clicks, I believe my skepticism is justified.

I would appreciate an explanation of how the game speed could have caused 2x skull damage only in the favor AI after an update that was fully tested and only on “older devices.” I don’t have knowledge in this and find it bizarre that the x2 skull damage was 1 sided.

I’m willing to accept if my device is on its GOW deathbed, however, I will not accept my device being used as a scapegoat.


If your device is not supported then you can’t even download the app. It is just buggy for all devices.

When I got my last win it said Battle 6. I’m V IP 4 and it did start me off with the free win. Sure, the extra battle had a Pet Gnome in it so I’ll take that, but I shouldn’t have had to fight that extra battle.

That’s normal. The first battle you do will say “Battle 2” because Battle 1 was automatically done for you :slight_smile: So even with the free win and no loses, your last battle will say “Battle 6”


People were having the issue regardless what device they were using.

Someone mentioned the Samsung S21 and iphone 12, those are 2 of the newest phones you can get and they had the issue.

We are their QA. Many of you still pay them for that amazing opportunity. :rofl:


Realistically, given that there have been issues involving actual mildly older (yet still supported) devices in the past, it would make sense to me – for a company that has said it’s working to improve its processes to ensure things like this happen less often – not to only test on the newest and shiniest or most powerful devices anyway.


You are right. I just got the sudden crash after the update. So this is not fixed unfortunately. @Saltypatra

I just would like to know when “…once it passes submission” might show up for switch players.
2 weeks having this bug now is kinda exhausting…

Did we get any kind of compensation for this? I had to avoid playing Level 12 explores and I lost Arena and Event matches because of the bug.


Likely “Community Week” was the compensation.

Which, if so, I’m fine with.

But I’d also be totes open to having a “Community Week” every update as a pre-emptive “sorry for the new bugs — we’ll sort them out soon!”


Maybe they are waiting until the update has been released on Switch, so the compensation can be sent out (as promised) to all players on every platform at the same time?

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Lol, tx I got a good :rofl:

Preferential treatment notwithstanding, Nintendo has a cap on how many updates you can release in any given period, to make sure developers meet minimum quality standards, don’t forego QA and players don’t have to endlessly download updates.

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Okay thats good to know.
But in this case its still strange that they were able to change GaP and several incidents of wrong weapons or troops in events immediately.

Some things, like rewards for battles and Gorky-a-Lanozza spawn chances are determined by the server. Some things, like translations and other non-executable bits can be patched on and downloaded from the server.

GoW’s battle logic is done on the client and can’t be fixed without a client patch. That’s just how they chose to implement it.