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Kingdom Mana Bonus Issue? (Was: Mechanist Bonus Mana issue?)

iOS version:
Didn’t notice this in the patch notes, so this is possibly a bug?

Mechanist class +5 bonus to mana is no longer being applied to War & Peace weapon, but is applied to all Brown mana only weapons.

Is it by design that multi-mana weapons are no longer getting bonus mana applied from classes?

Doesn’t work that way for me on the Steam version. If the hero in question is currently on a team, have you tried removing them and putting them back? That has been a bug with class switches for a while.

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I see what’s going on now. It’s not that the class isn’t giving me my magic bonus, it’s that my hero isn’t getting magic bonuses from any of the kingdoms that give magic bonuses for maxing out the kingdom level.

In the past I’ve had a total of 18 damage from War & Peace:
9 from the weapon
5 from being a Mechanist
4 from 4 Kingdom bonuses

Now I’m not getting any bonuses from the kingdoms, so my weapon’s damage is down to 14. Right now I can’t tell if the other kingdom bonuses are being applied to my hero or not. I think they are, but I can’t seem to find any list of what the base stats of the hero are supposed to be.

I have also switched to a different class and back to Mechanist and the issue is still present.

The last patch reduced the artificially inflated (bugged) kingdom boni that applied to all hero classes back to normal values.
Of course you saw you decline in dmg stats first. Taking a closer look you will see that also a few hp and armor and atk are gone.
The devs stated they will buff the heroes a bit again in the future since many player liked the inflated stats since they were a good balance to op mythic troops 3rd traits.

Interesting. I remember reading about how kingdom bonuses only applied from the one kingdom you were associated with and not all, then the devs applied kingdom bonuses from all kingdoms.

If I’m still getting some atk, hp and armor bonuses and not all, it would be nice for the magic to be the same. It was just surprising that every magic bonus from the kingdoms were gone, not just a couple.

Thanks for everyone’s replies.