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Weapon bonuses aren't applying for Mechanist and Warden classes

Use of brown magic in classes of the hero became impossible. Warden and the Mechanic don’t work.

  1. You know console is currently on 2.05.
  2. Your subject line is:


This is called a modern necro thread. It is necro upon creation. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did see someone stating earlier that one of the console versions shows the patch as a different number.

I don’t understand the issue. What does “use of brown mana became impossible” mean? Is the hero no longer charging upon brown mana matches?

I meant it

  • Weapon bonuses aren’t applying for Mechanist and Warden classes. Status: Will be fixed in next update

PS4. Version 1.10 Really!

Edited the title to make this thread less confusing/misleading.

Ok. Thanks/

2.05 is Infinity’s internal number while 1.10 is Sony’s

Don’t know if this is related but on the PC/Mobile I just stumbled across where my damage shows correctly when we are in the Troops tap for my hero but under PvP or Regular Kingdom play it shows as the base of the weapon

I just reported this to Support since I couldn’t find anything in the forum that remotely even looked like this

For example, my Hero is level 243 using Bow of Betrayal = shows Damage will be 14 on the front of the card for the weapon (and any weapon the same thing happens btw)

When I go out to PVP or Kingdom game - The Bow of Betrayal on my Hero shows 9 Damage. Mind you it’s only cosmetic thank goodness because I still do my 14 damage.