Hero Class - Magic Perks/Bonuses not working?


I don’t think the Hero Class Magic Perks/Bonuses are working.

I unlocked Warden and added my hero to my team. I went and looked at brown weapons since that’s when my bonus magic kicks in. Before I added any souls to Warden, it showed the Silver Sword as 11 damage. (3 base + magic). My base magic is 5, plus 3 unlocked magic cities. So those stats equal the 11 damage.

I maxed out the Warden class to 20, which should have given me 5 more damage if I use a brown weapon. My Silver Sword still does 11 damage.

After 25 victories, a perk unlocked that gives me magic +2. My Silver Sword still does 11 damage. I believe it should be doing 18 damage.

Am I not getting my Hero Class magic perks and bonuses? Or do I not understand how magic works?


Iam experiencing a different issue… I also have a warden, but at 25 wins I decided not to activate the +2 magic perk to not mess up my observations.

Ive tested many non-brown weapons, and with all of them I have 7 magic.

Ive tried several brown weapons, and with all of them I have 9 magic.

Which is really really weird - because I havent put any souls to my warden class and at level 1, it should only give +1 bonus to brown weapons, not +2 as Iam experiencing.


Heh… okay, so I didn’t actually activate the +2 magic perk. That works fine. I am getting the +2 damage.

I only seem to be missing out on the +5 magic bonus for maxing out my warden.


Looks like there is an issue with the Warden’s weapon color bonus!

We can fix that on the server though, so we’ll have that updated in the next 24 hours.