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New guy question!

So I’m wondering why sometimes in battle my weapon will say like “7 damage to an enemy” and sometimes the exact same weapon and team and I haven’t changed anything it says “10 damage to an enemy”. Happens with a couple different ones I have noticed. Appreciate the answer in advance! Thanks.

Do you have a troop with the Blessed trait? Maybe your magic is being boosted at the start of the match?

I’ve looked and looked and can’t figure it out. Was wondering if maybe there is a glitch? Or I’m just missing something. I will look some more though.

Maybe I am being debuffed? I will have to double check next time.

That is a possibility. The enemy with Cursed trait could pull the amount down.

So it happened again, went from my normal 8 damage to 6 the whole fight. No enemy had a train and neither did I, that would affect it. Confused indeed ha

What team are you running when this happens? I could run the same team and see if it happens to me as well. You might have to send a message directly to support if it is a bug or glitch.

It’s probably something dumb I’m missing lol

Looks like your on console. Makes a big difference in terms of hero weapon bugs.

Yeah I am,

@Strat is right. This test might not make any difference. I’m on pc. It probably will work fine.

No worries, I appreciate all your time!

Yeah no issue with the team on pc. I don’t know who to contact from support for a console. Sorry I can’t be anymore help.

Hero weapon bonus problems have been reported ad nauseam, The developers are well aware of the bugs. What is not public knowledge is if the issue will be resolved in the next patch (a week or two). Or the following one.

Edit: I seem to recall the work around is to go in to the Hero tab and verify the bonus before every match to “set it”

Awesome I will try that. Thanks guys!