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Anyone noticed the cursed trait is bugged?

It won’t trigger at the beginning.

It triggers for you, not the opponent.

I’m seeing Blessed isn’t functioning properly either…

Where is their stat increase? This is the start of the fight. They have Mercy, I have Mercy. I’ve clearly gotten an attack buff but I can’t see anything on their Mab …

Yes indeed, but it only occurs on the opponents’ team.

Have you or anyone else reported this, shimrra? It’s really painful to type so much English. Thx.

@Sirrian @Nimhain - look, a bug.

There, reported.

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Its been reported several times. Said to be fixed in 2.0, but wasn’t. Seen mentions of it pop up on the forums several times again since then.

We are aware of this occurring for the enemy AI.

Ok, thx, then I’ll delete this post later.