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Blessed/Cursed not triggering

I’ve noticed for awhile that when I face an opponent that has a troop with either Blessed or Cursed unlocked and traited that at the start of the battle their team won’t receive buffs and my team won’t receive debuffs. I was wondering if anyone else noticed the same issue and wether the developers were aware of this or not? I posted this information in the known issues as well

Hi Cell,

I’ve had a look into this. Blessed and Cursed work correctly for a player but it isn’t triggering for enemy teams (as you’ve observed).

We will be fixing it but it won’t make it into 2.0 update.

Thanks @Nimhain for a prompt replay, I didn’t know if it would trigger for my teams so now with confermation I can trait up my Green Seer lol,
Also I sent you a very important private message when you get a free moment

Thanks for all your help