Purple weapons bugged and doing 50% or less damage on Xbone

Hi, I was using Wicked Scythe but most of the time it seems to be doing 4 damage per enemy instead of 9 damage. This happens both in PVE and PVP and has no rhythm or rhyme to it. So I said meh at this scythe, lemme grind through 250 victories for Creeping Death since it has 10 damage per enemy and puts death mark on two enemies. Well, guess what? It’s doing 5 damage per player now. Sometimes the text reads the correct damage - sometimes it doesn’t. Rarely Creeping Death and Scythe do the correct damage. This is very very frustrating as I’ve spent a ton of time around builds that work with these two purple weapons. Please fix?

Go into troop screen and remove hero from your team. Exit troop screen. Enter back into troop screen and select your hero back into your team. You should now be doing the correct damage?

Yeah, that’s annoying and they need to fix that on XB1… I fell victim to that too.

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Another Hero weapon bug topic…

Sorry to hear your having problems. If you verify your magic bonus before every match and you should be “fine”

@Nex @Mr.Strange
I would be VERY interested to know

  1. If the developers tracked the disappearing Hero magic bonus down
  2. If so, will the fix will be included in the next update

Will try it out and let you know. Thanks.

Just to add 1 more small side note to the hero weapon bug.

If your hero is on a defense team, he won’t get the +5 to magic even when using the correct color weapon.

Several bugs involving the class magic bonus have been fixed internally.
Can’t say this specific one has already been addressed.