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Bug report damage dealt vs displayed

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but whenever I attack with the crude club equipped on my hero it deals 5 damage. On the card it says deal 6 damage when you click on it however when selecting the card without clicking on it, it reports deal 5 damage.

Do you have your Warlord class equipped?

I do have warlord equipped.

Do you have any Magic bonus?

I don’t believe so. It says +0 when using red weapons under warlord. Here is a pic of what I mean.

Don’t you have a magic bonus from a kingdom level 10 (Zhul’Kari - Karakoth - Darkstone - Blighted Lands) ?
Or a bonus Team…?

He probably doesn’t have enough to make it viable, and a 9/15 hero wouldn’t have enough gold for a level 10 kingdom. That is simply a display bug; your warlord class has a +1 magic boost to red weapons at either class level 4 or 5. You probably didn’t notice it when you spent your souls.

Yeah, still relatively low level so no level 10 kingdoms. Should it be dealing 5 or 6 damage though? I’ve noticed most of the time it deals 5 however last game it dealt 6 damage. I didn’t change my troops or any of the things I had equipped. I actually haven’t upgraded my warlord class yet either.

What level are you? You might have gotten a base magic increase.

I’m level 40 currently but have only upgraded troops not my hero. I’m just confused by the fact that it displays 5 and 6 damage on the same card and in most matches it deals 5 damage however occasionally I’ve noticed it dealing 6. I’m sure I’m just not fully understanding the game mechanics yet. Also, if I did get a magic increase wouldn’t it be uniform 6 damage across all games?


Help this poor guy out.

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Lol thanks but it’s not that big of a deal. I originally just assumed it was a text display bug. But like I said…I could just be clueless.

There are a number of damage bonuses that only are applied once you’ve entered battle against an opponent. For example, “Gain +1 magic for every red ally” shows up for me during battle and not before. If you click on your Hero normally while looking in the Troops inventory menu, you will see the default damage of 5 without the team bonuses applied.

I think @Theicla might have identified it. You said a few posts up you’ve only upgraded troops. What is your team made up of (list them) and list the Traits you have unlocked for those troops.

The team in using right now is
-Crude Club (card I’m having issues with)
-Goblin (greedy trait)
-Wolf Knight

I just don’t understand why sometimes crude club deals 5 damage and sometimes 6 using the exact same setup. Thanks for all the help though guys.


I think you are experiencing the Hero Magic bug. Does your Warlord class look like the photo with +1 Magic at Level 1?

There are a ton of posts discussing why people gain and loose their +5 Hero Magic (Level 20). Is not a display bug, you are actually gaining and loosing your Warlord Magic bonus.

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The weapon deals damage equal to your magic, (or maybe magic+1? I don’t recall.)

So what you are talking about is a difference in how the game calculates your current magic skill.

When you look at the list of weapons, then the damage displayed is ONLY your character’s base magic skill.
When you look at your hero within a team, you should have ALL magic bonuses applied - from classes, team bonuses, etc.

When you say that it is sometimes 5 and sometimes 6 - do you mean you actually see a difference in-game? That would surprise me. What I suspect you are actually seeing is the difference between a hero within a team, and looking at the weapon outside the context of a team.

Since you are a warlord, you have a base +1 magic when using red weapons. So I would expect that you see the crude club dealing 1 more damage that the card says when you just look at the list of weapons - because once it’s actually equipped your other bonuses (like the Warlord +1 magic when using red weapons) is applied.


Thanks for the reply @Mr.Strange I’m actually seeing a difference in game. Some games it deals 5 damage and some games it deals 6. When in the game it never switches between 5 and 6. It just seems to pick one and stick with it. Next time if you want I can take a video clip on my Xbox.

Edit: managed to get a clip that I’ll post shortly of the club doing 5 then 6 damage the next game. In my second clip my opponent was using the same weapon and his dealt 5 while mine dealt 6 damage.

Edit 2: video where it deals 5 damage

Edit 3: video where it deals 6 damage and my opponent deals 5.

If the opponent team has a troop with the Cursed trait, at start of the battle you will randomly lose skill points on your own team. When the skill targeted for decrease is Magic on your Hero, any magic-scalable weapon damage will be lowered for the duration of the match.

Troops that you may encounter early game that have the Cursed trait are the Ancient Horror, Goblin Shaman, and Lady Sapphira. You’ll see a red flash whenever your team gets cursed before battle.

This may explain the discrepancy from battle to battle.

Whenever I’ve fought against teams who have multiple Cursed traits activated, my spell damage can be reduced by 6 points or so.

I may be incorrect, but I seem to recall reading that some people could circumvent this bug for a single match by looking at their Class Magic bonus before the match.

When you track this bug down you will make some people very happy as they tend to have a +5 Bonus.

(Assuming this is the Hero Class Magic Bug)

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