"Extra" magic on opponents


Every now and then I run across an enemy team with what seems to be one extra magic than they should be capable of. I notice it the most in Goblin teams, simply because I have the same cards and thus the difference is noticeable. I imagine other teams are sporting it as well, but probably are going unrecognized.

I don’t have Karakoth, so I am down 1 magic from what is globally available with that kingdom. My Boar Rider does 8 damage when his ability is used (magic 6). With Karakoth that would go up to 9 (magic 7), and I often run into teams where their Boar Rider does 9 as expected. However every so often I run into a Boar Rider who does 10 (magic 8). Troop type bonuses don’t account for it, as the troops are usually all Zaejin and Marauders. Neither of those bonuses buff magic. There is also no troop on screen that adds to magic.

I can not figure out where this extra magic point is coming from. Any thoughts?



Maybe from a higher difficulty level? With raise in stats raises the magic too.


DonBoba’s idea is the only thing I can come up with as well.

I checked my Boar Rider, and with all kingdoms maxed, he does the 9 damage you calculate.


And now I feel dumb. Of course, I play on Warlord I.

Man, I was really hoping there was another global magic point out there I was missing. Thanks!



Glad to help :smile:


I did that once. ‘WTF these are huge, whats the oh goddammit I’m an idiot.’


I just got so used to seeing the buffed armor, life, and attack, difficulty bonuses affecting magic didn’t even occur to me. Heck I don’t change it often enough (pretty much never) I forget sometimes that is why their other stats are sometimes so silly. Well hopefully some peeps got a chuckle early this Monday morning at my expense. :smiley:



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