Weapon changed from giving 15 damage to 10 after I used it?

I chose to use the weapon Bull’s Edge that said it dealt 15 damage, and if I were damaged I would gain 6 attack. Ok, but after I chose it and started using it in battles, it changed to 10 damage instead of 15. I thought my magic had been attacked in my battle, but after all said and done, the weapon now says 10 damage with the 6 attack still in place. I’m confused thinking maybe I mixed up what I was seeing, but I don’t see any weapon around it with 15 damage. Does anyone know of this happening???

Did you change your hero class? Or didn’t select any after the patch last week? You have to set a class that gives +5 magic to red or +5 magic to green weapons. If you are new to the game it was probably a bonus from Warlord hero class

yea that kinda makes sense b/c I was a warlord before I was able to change class for each group, hmm just weird that I was sorcerer when I slected weapon, and it said 15, and I didnt change anything after selecting weapon… or did I??? hmmm… gives me something to look at, I think you might have answered the mystery… Thank you! Im not new to the game, but I have been playing alot more and completing all the daily tasks getting to learn about and level up troops as I go… thx

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