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Troop Hero Magic damage amount changing all the time

In the team I use I have the hero as first and on the card it has as magic 11 damage added to attack. For some reason it is not always 11, it is usually lower and the opposing team does not have any abilities to do reduce the impact of the card. Any ideas why this would happen?

Are you sometimes playing Arena where Kingdom bonuses don’t count?

Blessed on your team, sometimes gaining you magic?

Team bonus giving +Magic?

Hero class and matching weapon color?

Magic gain ability on your team like Soothsayer?

I’d say those are the starting questions to look at.


I play arena sometimes, but I see it in Quests and PvP also.
I do have a troop that gives 2 random skill points, but the 11 damage I am looking at is in the troops menu, not in middle of a match.
My Hero class has been the same for quite a while so it is not that.

On PS4 I have noticed that my hero’s magic doesn’t take into account the class magic bounses. It’s a quick fix of opening up a team and actually looking at the card’s stats, but it’s still annoying on my first match. It may be that?

Yeah I have the exact same problem on ps4. I check the stats on the card everytime before I battle now.

Yeah, I am on Xbox One and it is happening to me. I looked at my card and every game I played it was good. I restarted the game and played without checking my card before the match started and, the card had lower magic power.
Will be checking my card ever time now, thanks for the fix.