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Possible War and Peace glitch?

Ive been using this weapon on my hero for some time now, base attack ((on the hero menu) is 12 damage to all enemies yet when i go into a pvp match it will occasionally drop to 9 or 7 damage.
Anyone any idea why this is? I usually check for the curse trait on opponents but thats never the reason.

Any help is greatly appreciated

look at the team you are facing, they probably have 1 or 2 troops with cursed (reduce 2 random skill points, Soothsayer is most popular) or a troop like Moloch or Plague that reduce on 4-5 matches

Do you have a green or brown Hero class (Archer or Warden)?

If so, your problem is likely the result of a known bug where a Hero’s class magic bonus when using weapons of that class’s color are not always applied. For example, if you have a +5 magic bonus on the Warden class, all brown weapons should have an additional 5 attack, but sometimes the bonus mysteriously goes away, which would explain the 7 damage you are seeing. You might possibly have a troop with a Blessed trait that sometimes randomly boosts the attack of all allies by +2, which would explain the 9 damage.

Anyway, the bug has been reported a number of times, but I see that even after the most recent console patch, it was still being reported as an issue. Some people have said that removing and then re-adding your weapon may reenable the bonus. Viewing the weapon immediately prior to every battle may solve the issue as well. But bottom line, it’s a bug that needs to be fixed. :slight_smile:

Thanks thats cleared things up a bit more, just a bit frustrating lol :laughing:

No problem. Yeah, hopefully they get that bug fixed in the next update. It would definitely make using the Hero a more attractive option. I don’t see him/her being put to much use now in PvP, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the bug had something to do with that.

I’m experiencing this too. It is so frustrating, but what worries me the most, is if the bonus is applied in PvP games, when I’m defending or not? It can really make a diiference…

Thanks for the information. I have experienced it with both War and Peace and Bear Totem, especially in PvP.