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Upgrading kingdom to lvl 10 reduced stats

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I upgraded forest of thorns from level 9 to 10 and as a result my hero attack went from 13 to 12, same thing for troops
everyone got -1 attack. I double checked and enemy team didnt have any cursed traits or something like that going on for them. I have following kingdoms at level 10: Broken spire, Zaejin, Karakoth, Blighted Lands, Zhulkari, Wild Plains, Darkstone and Forest of Thorns. Blighted lands and forest of thorns i upgraded to lvl 10 after the latest patch.

For the record my hero stats as they are now for level 114 hero Sorcerer class level 20 : Attack 12 Health 30 Armor 21
And ultra rare valkyrie level 17 has : Attack 10 Health 13 Armor 16
Are those stats correct or am i slowly going crazy because i swear attack scores just went down by 1

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Upgrade forest of thorns to level 10? Maybe something to do with zhulkari changed from 1 attack to 1 magic after the patch screwing stats? I have no idea

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Dont have any screenshots before i upgraded forest of thorns to lvl 10 but heres screenshots of valkyrie after the upgrade

It all adds up to 10 attack so i guess my question is are those stats correct or am i missing something here

Edit: hell something went wrong with pictures but atleast you can see the stats there

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Everything’s in order.

You have 4 magic kingdoms maxed, (Blighted Lands, Darkstone, Karakoth, Zhul’Kari)
2 Health kingdoms, (Broken Spire, Zaejin)
And 2 Attack kingdoms. (Forest of Thorns, Wild Plains)

The base, leveling, and ascension stats are also all correct.

Nothing to worry about. Valkyrie’s just never been much of a heavy hitter, she likely prefers the support role.

Allrighty then, thanks for clearing that up. I just wonder where i got the extra attack from originally.
Offcourse it could be that i simply remembered it wrong but oh well glad everything is in order. Thanks again

Did you check the stats right before leveling the kingdom, or are you comparing them to pre-1.0.9 stats? Take note that ascension bonuses changed in the patch, they no longer add constant +1 to every stat for every ascension. Same thing to troop levels beyond 15.

I was doing pvp before leveling the kingdom and Iam quite sure my troops had one more attack before i upgraded forest of thorns, but anyways if that was a bug and Iam having correct stats now I guess all is in order

My guess is you had a troop with the blessed trait which gave +2 attack for that battle. The next battle after leveling up the kingdom blessed did not buff the attack and instead a different stat so it looks like you lost an attack point but you did not.