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Hero stats quesion

I guess, first off, i read that the max lvl was 1000? is that right? cause that’s a lot of battles!
and second; im 45 now, and looking at lvl 50’s in the guild im in, i will only gain 1 stat and that is 1 towards magic in 5 lvls. sooo what is the progression rate past 50?
is there a page that lists what stat will increase at certain lvls like there is with the troops?

Quoting someone quoting someone else here…

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soooooo, you only gain another 13 stat points after lvl 50? well that kinda sucks. all of that lvling for so little in return.

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The system is … outdated. At the time, heroes had a much larger edge over other troops - particularly after hitting certain power spikes (magic at 500 for instance). It meant that a significantly higher-level player would have an even bigger advantage.

With kingdom and team bonuses in the mix, they’re not as intimidating anymore. The stats are geared for a time when those buffs didn’t exist.

Now if it was scaled up, we’d have things like an AOE weapon (one of the purple scythes for instance) dealing 9 damage compared to someone else dealing 7. Or 10 compared to 7. And so on. Even if magic stayed put, having a hero with 18 attack vs 14 attack, major difference.

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speaking of kindom bonuses how do u get their lvls above 3? does the screen where it says what to do to lvl update to something new after yu have done all objectives?

Each kingdom gets 1 level for doing the quest line for the kingdom. Each kingdom gets 1 level for doing all the challenges (you have to fill the stars in every challenge for that kingdom to get the bonus). Finally each kingdom gets 1 level for each troop from that kingdom to reach level 15. For example if you level Luther to 15 you will get +1 level on Broken Spire and only Broken Spire. If you level Sparkgrinder to level 15 you get +1 level to Adana. This lets most kingdoms get to 10 with a few being limited to 9 (I honestly don’t remember if any are stuck at 8). However that will depend on getting all the cards for that kingdom since you can’t level a card to 15 you don’t have.


I keep forgetting Consoles don’t have half the things I just talked about

Stat gains not higher than currently so veterans don’t totally outstrip lower levels. Done.

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It is! On console, there’s only a handful of topped players (lvl 1000).

I dread the day I finally hit 1000. Things must be awfully boring. Hopefully there will be a new cap by the time I get there.

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They’d have to make the game really interesting and bring a lot of new stuff regularly to entice me to go for that level. But giving how slow 505 are, I doubt it’ll happen.

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I saw some players at 1001, is it right?