Slow loading screen


Hey everyone,
It has come to my attention that when the new patch for the Xbox one updated, the loading screen is painfully slow. Before the patch, the game was up and running under a couple of seconds and now it’s takes over 2 mins to load if no error occur.
Is anyone else getting these problems and if so, is there going to be an update to rectify it?
Please leave comments below and if needing this fixed, I would be happy to try and see if the game makers could change this.

Xbox load times

That longer loading screen is working as intended.

Because Gems of War only has that one loading screen when you start the game, we have to cram everything into that brief period of time. The recent update added A LOT of content and gameplay tweaks, so the time to load all that stuff has necessarily been extended.


I much rather have one long loading screen at the beginning of the game before you even play than multiple “fast” loading screens during gameplay. Once loaded up, GoW flows nicely and isn’t hampered much by loading.

My only issue @Nex is the Team selection lag. When you close the dropdown menu for a Team (whether it’s before a match or in the Troops list) the game lags. To me, it seems correlated to how much data the game has received since loading up. I restart the game and the lag doesn’t happen, but each time I switch a Team the lag gets exponentially longer. It can get to intolerable amounts of time (>3 minutes).

IMHO, the issue can be easily solved by not having the last-used Team automatically selected. No Team to “dismiss”, no lag.


It’s not quite as simple as moving the default cursor position, but as we’ve mentioned, we’re looking into the team selection lag issue. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to replicate it on any of our machines, so if you could, say, capture a video of what you’re describing (both the extreme lag and the times in which it isn’t so bad) and send it in to Customer Support, that would be a big help.


Well before the Update the Team dropdown box wasn’t ever open, and now it is. I’m not a programmer, but to me that seems like a simple fix. Couldn’t be THAT much code to make the menu stay open. Remove it and the lag problem will be 100% avoidable.


Yes, it would be a simple fix if the cause of the lag you’re seeing is a drop down menu being closed. But, since those menus did not cause lag before the update, it seems unlikely that simply having the menus closed by default would cause the sort of increasing lag you’re reporting, especially since we haven’t been able to replicate the problem, and have had relatively few reports of this issue.

If it were the new menu functionality, the problem should affect far more people.

But this whole conversation is moot until the developers figure stuff out anyway.


It’s when the menu is closed. With it always being open, you HAVE to close it to change Teams.


Right. I misspoke, but my point still stands.

Please, try to be patient.

(And I went back and edited the post. It should now correctly address your idea about menus causing lag.)


I will be patient, don’t mistake my posts for being impatience, aggressive or confrontational. I know nothing about programming, so I don’t presume to know how to fix anything.

I will try and video capture the issue and send it in. If that’s how I can best help, then that’s what I will do.


@nex what will happen if there is more updates to the game and the loading menu gets longer and longer? I see the benifts of the game having a longer loading screen at the start but if the game keeps on expanding then that will make it last even longer.


Pc does nott have this either dang it. Time to load up my ps2…i cant play this on ps2!? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDGE ROCKETS


You’ve got to be kidding. This has been a problem since the console release.

The delay gets longer the more matches have been played, and maybe from the length of time the game has been running. It’s extremely annoying since it can, as TaliaParks said, last 3 minutes or longer. And it’s not like exiting the game to temporarily ‘fix’ the delay is the greatest option with the increased loading time…


I can confirm that Team Selection lag on XB1. It use to be fast before the patch. For some reason one of the teams I used before remains open at all times. Once I close the team in question, it takes a while for the game to highlight it so I can move the cursor and select another team. Does not seem to do that consistently though. I figured the problem must be at the server end which has been problematic at times.

However, I did flush my entire team after the update {version 1.0.85} went live. I noticed the lag time shrink, but @TaliaParks has it right to suggest that the Team menu should remain closed at all times like it use to be. My simple workaround isn’t a complete fix as the lag tends to return every now and then. Keeping the Team menu closed sounds best.

Other than that, game is very playable most of the time. :sunglasses:


You say it’s been a problem since console release.

Smuggler says it only became a problem when we updated.

You can see how difficult it is for us to find the root cause when we’re constantly getting conflicting reports.

I’m sorry you’re having such problems @Testr, but the reality is that this issue only affects a small minority of players. It seems like a large number because the same people keep repeatedly posting about the problem on these forums, but when weighed against the Gems of War playerbase as a whole, the number of people affected is small. That doesn’t mean it’s any less of a priority for us, just that it’s difficult to figure out what those people have in common that’s causing the problem.

As I told @TaliaParks , we’re working on it, and we ask that you be patient. Hijacking unrelated forum threads to tell us about your issue yet again is not helpful, especially for the person who created the thread in the first place. If you want to help, gather as much information as you can and submit it in a ticket to Customer Support:


With regard to the 3 minute time, it has not lasted that long. Maybe a minute and a few seconds longer, but not 3 whole minutes. Perhaps, this is happening with PS users only. The Team menu use to be closed at all times, I don’t know why it’s been left opened with the recent update.

As for the increasing launch time since the update, I understand how there is more game data being crammed in than before. That’s all well and good. It would be nice to see the progression bar at a steady pace as its doing that though. It tends to stop at a short length in the beginning and then shoot across the progression bar short of completion. Once the music cues up, it completes the bar and the game window begins. Smooth sailing after that.


That’s good feedback, but we’ve also received reports that it only occurs on Xbox One, and no one seems to agree on how long these pauses last. You can see how difficult that makes it to narrow down a culprit when we’re hearing different stories from everyone.

Unfortunately, the progress bar can’t move at a steady pace. It isn’t loading information in a continuous stream, but is instead loading a bit, decompressing a bit, sorting files, loading some more, decompressing some more, and so on. That bar is only a rough estimate because a real-time progress bar would go up, then back down, then up, then down, and everyone would be mad and confused by it.


While I can’t say for sure what the next major update will bring – the last update only appeared two weeks ago, so it’s going to be a little while before we know solid details about the next update – we are certainly aware that people aren’t happy about the increased loading times. You can rest assured that we’ll try to minimize how long you have to wait before joining a game.


Thanks for the explanation.

I see your point about how difficult it is for you to narrow down the problem. If it helps any, our household uses cable fiber at 30Mbps down, 6 Mbps up. Our XB1 is relatively new since we bought it last November. Very few games are installed on it. We have a habit of turning it off when not in use. Same goes for all electronics, including our cable modem.

When we lose connectivity, its either Microsoft’s fault, or the game servers. Our ISP has been rock-solid. Perhaps, this is why the lag time can last for a minute or so when selecting Teams before battle while at other times, it is able to quickly de-select to select another Team before battle. It may be a connectivity issue.

Whether it is or not, keeping the Team menu closed by default is best. :relaxed: All in good time of course. :wink:


I’m on XB1 btw. And the length of the pause increases the longer you play, specifically the more matches completed, as I previously mentioned. There is no one specific length of time for the freeze. Also, it affects people who play the game longer and change teams often the most, so maybe some people don’t run into the issue as much as others.


But that’s the thing: This issue doesn’t affect ALL people who play the game for extended periods of time. Instead, it affects a small portion of the number of people who play Gems for a long time, which is, in itself, a small portion of the total player base. If it was a simple “play long enough and you’ll see it” issue, we would have it figured out already, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

We want to know about problems you’ve personally seen, but sending us your theories based on anecdotal evidence just confuses our quest for the truth.