Xbox load times

Please improve the xbox one load times when you want to change a team in the before battle screen. If you play for awhile it gets longer and longer (colapse team 1 and open team 2 for example). The other day it took over 3 minutes to change a team before battle. This also happens when you are in the troops menu at the main screen. It can take a long time to colapse and open another troop group.


It seems to go quicker if you hit the Xbox home button then go back to the game. Supposedly the devs are aware and trying to fix this

This is a known bug and there’s an extensive discussion working on why it occurs here:

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I stopped doing daily tasks for this very reason, it’s not worth the 20 minutes it takes to change team for 4 tasks.

So we can’t confirm it, but our lead programmer told me that he’s 93% sure he found and fixed this issue.


IF true this is great news. Will this change make it into the update, or has that already been submitted for certification?

Please let this be true.

When it gets really bad, you can always close the game and restart. You’ll have the start-up load to wait through, but once the team-selection lag is longer than the wait to restart, it is worth it. If I’m playing for more than an hour or so, I usually just reboot the game when I take a break.

We have not yet submitted the update - it’s part of those changes.

Thanks, I’m glad it will be in the next update! Nice job to whomever tracked it down.

This is VERY minor issue, but If you have time to look at the menu overscan that only occurs on the console. It happens in every menu, and on both consoles. Every menu is ocerscanned and truncated on the left and right side.

Hero, Guild, Troops, PvP, Store, etc are all effected.
Again, not a big deal, but if its easy…


I believe we rely on the console-specific display settings to adjust this. Check out your system settings to adjust.

No, please just launch the game on any console and look at it. You will see if you examine it. The main screen is normal, but all the menus are overscanned on the left & right. (Hero, Guild, Chest, PvP, Store, and Troops)

Obviously I’m probably the only person to notice this, but that’s how I roll…

I’ll attach a photo when I get a chance.

Overscan on menu pages (Chests):
Please note the left and right are ONLY cropped while in a sub-menu.

Main screen no overcan:

Ignore the Snapped TV on the right. Again this is super low priority especially compared to game bugs. But it might be easy to resolve, not surprised I’m the only person to notice.

I’m not seeing the issue. That chests menu looks essentially identical to the PC layout I have up opposite.

The screen border elements appear to be cut in half - that’s the style of the menus on all devices.

Here is a screencap from my PC:

Interesting on my Windows 10 Tablet mine looks like all the Tacet videos, no cropping…