Sick of being sick of hanging/loading XBOX

custom load out selecting before fights is testing my patients im waiting far too much due to stupid loading/hanging time to switch

I request, just bring up whole troop menu before each fight so we pick 4 and go please =)
still a bit of a pain but the loading issue is provoking a game delete. here i give you the fix your already too late with

maybe add more options to the “Y” to filter too for navigating troop menu before the fight

I also get the team select hang. The longer you play, the longer the wait time. Seems like an issue with the cache but I’m not a programmer.

There is also a similar freezing pause after you win your 8th arena victory, right before you are to go to the rewards screen. Same thing here, the longer you’ve been connected, the longer the freeze.

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Happens on PS4 as well.

Developers can’t recreate it, so there’s no fix coming unfortunately

I really don’t believe that when just about every one on that plays on the console has the same problem

It’s what they say. Arguing with them won’t help either, trust me :wink:

Have this issue as well. I’ve stopped playing for the day several times because of it. It also hangs when editing a team and exiting back to he troop menu. This does not hang when you exit back to the map screen.

The solution for me is to restart the game periodically. It resets the hangtime

Unfortunately, it’s true that we’ve been totally unable to reproduce it. Of everyone here, ONE person had the issue at home, but couldn’t reproduce it at work. And it eventually stopped happening at home as well.

We’ve made some changes in that area, so it’s possible it will be cleared up with next patch? But since we can’t reproduce the issue we can’t say with certainty.

I never had any answer on why you simply not remove the auto selected team like it was before april update! or much better: add in option menu this: “auto selected team on/off” so players with no lag prob choose ON and players with lag prob can choose OFF . Everybody happy like that, no more lag prob as long as we dont select the wrong team of course.

We specifically removed that, and we wouldn’t want to go backwards just to accommodate a bug we really need to find & squash. Cross your fingers for a fix in the upcoming patch!

Might have to do a video soon showing how I only get 5-15 second lags :confused:
Hasn’t been an issue for me since patch.

hmm “we’ve been totally unable to reproduce it” got to call bullshhh it on this. maybe try play for 30 mins and play a differant mode choosing a differant preset team each game this should get it… Iv had it every single time iv played since the first of the 2 patches we got last

You are also only one data point. Granted, there are many such “one data points,” but they also are a team of limited size. I don’t think they have much to gain by misrepresenting their inability to reproduce.

I think the reverse is true, the Devs are “only one data point”. I personally have spoken to 3 other friends that play Gems and are NOT on the forums, 3/4 of our group has this issue. All of us are on the XBOX ONE. As a side the 1 player who said he is NOT having the problem only uses one team and only has 1 Team configured, so he’s got that going for him…:grin:

I am sure they can not reproduce the problem, but it is more common than a one off isolated problem.

If it helps identify the issue, as I have mentioned in another post, I believe this started with the December 26th, 2015 update.

ok they dont get the problem so there is no problem ? must be on our end? issue is real and could do with fixing, not being able to reproduce is a poor half assed reply to the complaints that are from not only this one point of data but from what seems to be every console play on both platforms

Nobody’s saying the issue isn’t real.

We’re saying, “We believe you, but it’s difficult to fix a problem we only know about through anecdotal reports.” We’re investigating the problem, but because we have not seen the problem first-hand, progress is slow.


So here are all the key data points we’ve gathered on this bug:

1 - Some people have it. If you have it, it’s present every time.
2 - It’s present on both Xbox and PS4.
3 - The pause gets worse the longer you play.
4 - Resetting the game brings the pause down to it’s minimum level again.
5 - If you have the bug, you won’t see it if you log in from a different console.
6 - Different people playing different accounts on the SAME console may or may not both see it.
7 - Some people have the bug stop after some period of time.

At first we thought it was a memory error - mostly because of #3 & #4. But if that were the case, then #6 and #5 make no sense.

Then we thought it might be a server call issue - possibly tied to accounts with bad data. #1, #2, and #6 support that theory. But #4 and #5 break that theory.

Then we thought it might be an achievement call - which is console-specific. But #2 breaks that idea, since our two platforms handle achievements differently.

So again, our best hope is that the next patch will have touched enough things to correct it.


I’ve had the bug when logging in from 2 different consoles. Don’t know if that helps, hinders, or doesn’t make a difference at thus point. But same account, 2 different ps4s. One with original HD, one with a hybrid. Same issue.

Of all things, it’s this one that has caused the most grief.

Gotta love computers :smiley:

What if it is a router error? Bad router could cause the problem without effecting the server in question. Just a theory.

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