Sick of being sick of hanging/loading XBOX

Or bad net coding… from someone’s end.

I have also had this issue on Xbox. It actually go to the point I would describe it as game breaking… until I reset the game and the issue went away. It then generally increases again over time.

I reset it by going to dashboard, pressing start over the Gems of War tile and selecting ‘Quit Game’.

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Eveybody with this bug hope you ll be able to fix it, its so annoying!
But lets imagine the scenario you are unable to fix it: There will be no other options than adding in the option menu the possibility to switch from auto selected team on/off.
By doing so, people with no bug will choose ON and people with the bug like me will choose OFF.
No more probs, everybody happy! Its as simple as that…should have already been implemented since weeks while you re searching a way to fix the bug! Would have been much better than letting thausands of players enduring this bug while you re searching a solution.
Adding this option wont make your life harder for finding a solution to the bug but it would at least make our life much easier.

Just like to say thanks to the dev team for fixing this problem :heart: