Slow down when picking a new team

Is this ever going to get fixed. This has been a problem before the update and still hasn’t been fixed. After a while it takes a couple of minutes before you can select a new team. This is the only complaint I have for an otherwise awesome game. Just to mention this is on the Xbox and I have tried both an internal drive and external drive and still have the same problem


They tried to fix it but were not able to find the cause. The longer the game is on, the longer the delay is (after 5 hours I think its more than 3 minutes but when game is on since only some minutes there is no delay).
Now why they simply dont remove the auto selected team like it was before april update, that I have absolutely no idea! That s an easy way to fix this extremely annoying bug. At minimum offer the option to the players like: “auto selected team on/off” in the option menu.

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Yeah this is absolutely a problem on console, the only self fix is to force quit the game and re-launch. I think 3 minutes is an underestimation.

I don’t know if it is related to number of games played or application open time.

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We still have not been able to identify this issue. We’ve poked around with the related code a bit, so maybe it will be improved? Cross your fingers.


Appreciate you guys looking to see what you can do cause I’m sure it’s frustrating to hear about a problem with no easy way to reproduce it. So fingers crossed, and worst case, just run with 1 team for awhile then switch.

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I’ve had this problem for a long time, and would like to be able to change teams more often.

So, if there is anything I can do to help troubleshoot it please let me know.

Information that might be relevant:

Xbox One
GoW installed on external USB 3.0 HDD
Level 220
All 20 team slots unlocked
All 20 slots used w/ custom names
Been playing shortly after the release on console

I haven’t had this problem since the last patch was installed. Almost immediately it works for me. Longest I wait is 10-15seconds :confused:

I’m on ps4 in Australia and no matter how long I play for it doesn’t increase my wait time.

I understand your frustration with this situation as drove me nuts about 5weeks ago

For the 1000 times, if this lag cant be fixed:


R E M O V E T H E A U T O S E L E C T E D T E A M !!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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Wait - do you mean to say:

1 - You WERE experiencing this lag.
2 - You STOPPED experiencing the lag after some time?

If so, that’s a very important data point to have! Please let me know if I have that rightly.

@Mr.Strange that is exactly what I’m saying good sir.
I can’t give you a reason for it though as my brother is also on ps4 but he gets lags of 1-3minutes

The longer I play, the longer the hang up on team selection. Cache problem perhaps. Annoying assuredly. (Xbone)

The devs just have to remove the auto selected team or better: add in option menu “auto selected team on/off” and this problem will be solved…as long as we dont select the wrong team of course.

players with no lag problems will select “ON” and players with lag probs will select “OFF”.

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The lag increases with;

(1) Time played without closing the game and,
(2) Every time you close a Team dropdown menu

You can “reset” the lag timer by restarting the game. Typically I will switch teams twice, MAYBE three times, then restart.

At that point the game loads faster than the lag recovers.

That sound like a good idea.
Sometimes i can go make coffee and visit the bathroom, while i wait to change team.


Ha, lol. I know what you mean. One Saturday a few months ago before I started re launching frequently. I had the game up all day, One Troop change, I was able to go to the bathroom, get the mail, grab a snack from the kitchen just to walk back in the livingroom to see the Troop selection pop back up! (Then I was like… what team did I want?)