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Xbox One horrendous team selection times

Before the update, we could select any team from our team list. Now when we go to select a team, the last team used is already selected and has the troops of that team in the drop down menu. On the One, when you try an close the drop down to select another team, it hard freezes your console for near unplayable amounts of time. Sometimes it’s 30 seconds, sometimes it’s 3 minutes and this occurs every single time. It makes the tasks of doing specific challenges like mana color and type specific teams not worth doing because every single time we have to switch teams, you have to wait on that horrible freeze.

Unless this only happens to me because I’m the unlucky duckling.

If you are still having this issue you can contact customer support here http://support.505games.com/support/solutions/folders/6000149221 and give them your player info. Then the devs can look into it.

I haven’t tried it in this new update yet but i used to get around it slightly by pressing the B button to exit the troop list and then re-enter it. This was much faster than waiting for the game to do it’s thing.

Edit: Ok I’ve tried a PVP match and now understand the problem. Yeah this needs to be fixed.

I’m going to second this suggestion. This sounds like it might be a complex issue that customer support would be best equipped to help you with.

This bug existed before today’s patch, FYI. It’s just more obvious now since we’re now defaulted to the last used team.

It is a pretty awful bug though. Seriously, a 2 minute hang for team select. No exaggeration.

This is also an issue on the PS4 version so all consoles.

I also get the hard freeze that’s 12 seconds minimum and up to 3m21secs for having unlocked 17 team slots. This happened when consoles went to 1.0.7 in December, so it’s been something of a struggle.

The freeze-lag happens not simply in PvP sessions, obviously, but every time you access a Team slot in the Troops menu. Xbox support had suggested that I delete all my teams and just use the top 3 slots. Sadly, I still got lag even though they were nearly all empty slots.

I can understand this type of latency when interacting with actual live multiplayer sessions-- which is not the case here-- but surely this ought not to happen when I am simply accessing my own inventory list of troops.

Perhaps everyone could be pruned down to 8 to 10 team slots max, for now, until the Devs mitigate the root cause?