Option to Copy or Reorder your team slots

Sometimes I like to have my teams listed in a particular order. Instead of having to type them all out again, it would be nice if you could move or copy these team slots to a different slot in your list.


This has been a QoL request for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time…
Still worth a like and a mention and a bump and the attention of the devs! :wink:


+1. Again…


I’d give this +100 if I thought it would get considered faster. This is sorely needed.


Was just thinking this myself a few days back. Why the heck hasn’t this been implemented yet? Can’t be that hard.

They implemented 3x speed in less than 12 hours, can’t they do the same with this?


Still wish we had this option. Even better would be dedicated slots for Guild Wars defense teams and carrying them over each week. Especially since they don’t “stick” very well in the first place.



So when we updated the Troop menu Ui, we did investigate adding this. However we discovered that to added it was going to be more difficult than we’d like and have a high chance to introduce some serious bugs.

So at the moment we trying to find a better method to add this to the game.


Yes, please no new bugs until we’re sure we have team saving working.

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Drag and drop in and of itself is supported by Unity (there’s multiple how to’s on YouTube even), so I’m guessing there’s some other interaction causing trouble? Anyway, good to know you’re at looking at it. Hope you can smooth out the code and make it work, because man is it a chore to rearrange your teams.

I feel like bumping this even though a dev has literally responded already.

High chance, serious bugs.

They don’t say that everyday.

Is that because the new troop ui is a complete disaster nim? Seriously nim, on console it’s just absolutely dreadful.


Yeah everything else has just a moderate chance of serious bugs :wink:

fast scrolling down troops in troop list is also needed

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What platform are you on? Cuz if you’re on console you can scroll using tabs to skip to next letter. That’s like the only perk of console.

PC, it takes ages to scroll down