PLEASE Stop auto scrolling in team list (troops screen)

I mentioned this in my topic on fixing troop sorting, but this needs it’s own topic, because this is actually even worse then the boggling troop sorting.

You should NEVER EVER move the team positions around in the team list on the troops page.
I just lost a team due to this, because it’s absolutely insane to work with.

If you click the top team when it’s partially on the screen, it is suddenly two slots down when you come back to the team list. It is so confusing, that you have to wonder if anyone actually ever tried to work with this on your end. If not, please add more testers :frowning:

To see it in action (100% reproducible):

  • Go to the troops screen
  • Scroll all the way down in the team list.
  • Click on the top team, which should only be partially visible (so 4th team from the bottom).
  • Click the team again to go back.
    The team you clicked is now suddenly 2 spots down (3rd on screen, instead of 1st)

I’ll repeat what I posted in my earlier post:
Would it be possible to leave the scroll position in the teams list alone when clicking a team?
The clicked team now always scrolls into the 2nd or 3rd position, but this makes it really annoying if you clicked a team, and then want to click the team above/below it, because the scroll position has changed.

I understand what you are (probably) trying to do, have max team slots visible, and nicely aligned in the frame.
But it’s not working at all, and you would be better of not scrolling at all instead of the current implementation.

Here is a proper game design solution:
Check if the top team is more pixels into the screen then not, if so: scroll down the remaining pixels. If it’s only barely visible (like less then 25% for example) scroll up to show the team slot below it as the top position. But wait like a second or two before you start auto aligning like this.

That would make it much more intuitive…

But honestly… not touching it at all would probably be best.

The current implementation actually feels like a bug, like you jump to the wrong scroll position when you come out of a team slot (as described above).

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Agree I’ve found this a bit annoying… though not so much I’d think to raise a thread to have it fixed… tbh I’d rather that UI was overhauled a lot anyway, and add being able to re-order the teams…

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Well I did lose a team because of it… so that’s pretty bad in my book.

The weird troops issues and repositioning, I can fix by scrolling again.
This team would have been gone, if I would not have been able to copy it back of my wife’s system.

Explain to me why this is a problem? And how did you lose a team because of it? The whole editor needs an overhaul, but i don’t see this as an issue.

I was looking through my teams, to replace one.
I clicked on red attack 2, that could be replaced, I clicked on red attack 1, that was good, so I clicked out, click on the one below it (since that should be red attack 2) and changed the team.

When I came out of it, it was purple attack 2, the team before red attack 1. Because the teams had moved…

Hence, I lost my purple attack 2 team.

so it was operator error and not any real issue then? It is different yes, but you being used to the way it was doesn’t mean it is broken and needs fixed. They have their hands full with real bugs, and other even more annoying UI issues. This one can definitely take a backseat.

Where did I post that it needed to be fixed right away?

I reported a bug, in case it is one, and a feature request, in case they think this is acceptable behavior of a scroll bar. Which it isn’t btw… nm how much you cover their ass.

I can make the board shuffle the gems every time before you click, and call it an operator error to.
Stop defending this shit