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Teams - Reorder and Delete

Would be nice to be able to reorder and delete teams more easily.


Agree with this.

Dragging a team slot to reorder it would be great, similar to how troops can be shifted in a team by dragging them.


It’s on their to do list, and I actually expected it this patch.

Throw this on the “people have been asking for this for as long as I’ve been playing the game, so I don’t expect to ever see it” pile, unfortunately.


Players have been asking about this since the game started, I expect to see it the day we admit Arena only exists as a vehicle for trophy grinders and player griefers.

I mean, if 6 whole months of “yes, this is a problem that breaks a game mode” isn’t enough to warrant more than, “We’re looking into it, but no”, what makes us think 2 years of “Please, sir, can we reorder our teams?” will work?

Here’s how you get it:

I would like there to be an offer, for $49.99, that lets me swap the order of two of my teams once.

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Yes please!

I would very much like this option myself. My teams list always feels so messy. I do clean it up at times manually. A reorder would solve this.

for only 5 gems you can move one team, but its been discounted 80% so its a real value!

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it haha

@fishinia Attaching a gem cost to reorder/delete would be perfectly fine as well. I am not bothered by a company trying to make a living. Its when a company decides to severe a limb in unreasonable costs that tend to rattle my chain. Just the idea of being able to reorder/delete itself would be nice.

if they want to make more money, offer more/better stuff in the shop/offers, if they would actually attach a gem value to moving teams, i think there would be a revolt.

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@fishinia A revolt might be the outcome <3 I was just accepting your comment even if it was made in jest. Hope they make this idea some day soon. =)

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