Give me the ability to sort my teams please

I don’t like scrolling down.


Just being able to hit a number or since we have 20 slots maybe a letter to bring up the team we’re looking for would be very helpful.

I also would like drag and drop sorting of teams, could be very useful to avoid confusion when emptying teams in the middle of the list…


+1 to this.

I’d also like if empty / cleared teams didn’t appear in the list when I am selecting a team - they should only appear as slots in the UI for changing / building teams.

@studs was this in the QoL thread? I am too lazy to check…

I’d like to +1 this. Now with the change to Unity, perhaps this is more do-able. Nothing fancy, even if you can just click and drag a team around, that should do the trick.

I’m all for this. Hate scrolling to find my team. This could be a minor improvement.

We have re-order troops within teams, I’ve long been after re-order teams. I know it is only something minimal but it would certainly be beneficial.