Game freezing or 5 minute pauses

Seriously please fix the issue of the game freezing or taking up to and beyond 5 minutes to continue after a win or opening a chest. It’s taking any amount of pleasure out of playing. No joke if I win I go smoke a cigarette and sometimes its unfrozen when I get back, sometimes… You are making me smoke more lol. Please fix ASAP.

That is probably either due to network/internet connectivity issues or, more likely, the recent server changes. If it’s the latter, then you can expect it to get better with time, as the developers are actively working on it

First I’d like to say thank you for acknowledging my post.

I don’t believe it’s my network. I can play p2p games while people are watching Netflix and not experience any lag or negative effects. Which can be very demanding as I’m sure you know. I can’t imagine why a game like this would be effected by my network when it’s the only thing running on it so I have to assume it’s the changes you mentioned. In which case I’m curious if you can at least ballpark an estimation of when it would clear up. Also again it only happens when I win a match and occasionally when opening multiple chest at one time. Either way I look forward to playing again but until a fix is implemented my time will be close to none if at all.

Yea the freezing after or during a match is the worse because it costs you, you automatically get a lost, especially if it crashes or you could potentially have gotten an arcane traitstone if it didn’t freeze. :robot: :slight_frown:

Sadly, I have no idea. I’m not a member of the dev team. I just know that they changed servers recently and have been having a bit of an issue getting everything to work just right. That’s the extent of my knowledge. I think there is a thread stickied about it. I’ll go look and see if I can find it, then edit this response to include a link.


You seem to be on console, so I would suggest checking out this thread maybe?

Console Server Migration - #3 by Sirrian Hope it helps!

Subsequent to this week’s console migration:

I can confirm, while observing play on two XBoxOne accounts, that all victorious PvP matches now have a noticeably significant pause immediately after the Tier & Trophy screen is generated, and before the Traitstone reward is displayed. In fact, if the player presses the controller ‘A’ button while the Tier & Trophies screen is still displaying animation (which normally would skip the animation), the length of the delay can become several minutes long, similar to what @Batman has reported.

I did notice recently GoldPhoenix had mentioned over here that

[quote=“GoldPhoenix0, post:18, topic:18822, full:true”]
Unfortunately, during the server migration, we did notice that there was a period of about 1-2 hours where players were getting extra data into their account which was causing the game to produce these errors. This problem should no longer be happening,[/quote]

@GoldPhoenix0, is it possible that this “extraneous data” is still affecting how Victory game results are tallied for players on console/XB1?

Both of my family’s XB1 accounts are experiencing this winning-match pause delay, but the lag is quite a bit longer on the account that owns more bundle purchases and troops.

The extra data which has been added shouldn’t affect the game results screen except for sending slightly more data to and from the server (which shouldn’t cause the delays).

We are still investigating the issue, and there are multiple possible causes to what is causing these long freezes. These issues could range from it being something small to a problem with the game engine itself. We are hoping that the next update fixes this issue.

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@Batman, do you by chance have the game installed on an external hard drive?

I had GOW installed on an external HD and was encountering lots of long pauses. When I migrated the game over to my main xbox HD I stopped having the issue.