GoW extremely Laggy and constantly crashing

Every time i play it takes forever to load, it freezes in fights and bluescreens on Me, anyone else having this issue?

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I’m getting it too. We’ve had this problem before on ps4 but disappeared after a patch a while ago. Battles can be laggy when casting spells, etc. as well as changing menus. The worst is accessing troops, you can wait a while to get into that sometimes.


Every time you collect tribute (in other words every hour) you need to restart game. I posted this issue in official thread and was given default response of reinstall game :roll_eyes:

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@Saltypatra Is there an actual fix for this?, It’s EXTREMELY annoying.

Yeah it is back to the constantly restarting the console or the game every 1-2 hours I’m finding - same o same o sadly

Oddly this is the first time I have had this error, been playing for years

Yeah, at the end of every action it lags to some degree or another. I am guessing its when there is a server update of what you just did. Also, at the end of PVP, it goes to reset screen and then finally returns out of PVP screen, not where it started.

I have had it go on for many months, but comes at goes as to severity.

Yeah, troop access is almost always slow even when the rest is OK. I think maybe they are loading your whole troop table and it takes longer.

Yesterday my xbox literaly shutted down during a battle

Also when you play several battle in a row (10-15) and receive a defense notification (win or lost) if you click to quick on the A button (xbox) it kick you to the world map

It also freeze in the same occassion, the longer you been doing pvp, the longer the freeze is

And it also freeze when you try to go in the troop menu after several pvp battle and also freeze when you try to look the ranking in pvp

It really need to be fixed as soon as possible, it suck to restart the xbox every time cause the freeze take forever

It was there in the previous update but been fixed and then came back in the 3.5 version

Edit: and please fix the chat it getting ridiculous, it always freeze and you need to disconnect and reconnect every 5 min to sre every messages


Support is “correct” if you reinstall the entire game you are essentially doing a super time-consuming restart. Of course The problem reappears shortly. :grin::wink:

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It seems to be getting worse by the hour

I noticed it happens less if you get put into a quieter chat channel, until the guild recruiters start spamming it. Haven’t had the issue since I put myself in a channel nobody speaks in and recruiters won’t visit.

Its happening again today, worse than ever. After 7 clicks on the ‘Retry’ button it made me Quit the game and restart. On Restart it is erroring out. Unfortunately, this was in the middle of using an Orb of Ascension to upgrade a troop to Mythic.

I finally got back into the game, and went to check to see if the troop was ascended. I got the troop upgrade screen, saw that it was not, and then the screen froze.

I did a 2nd restart of the game (I had no choice), and now everything is up and running again. My troop is ascended. The fact that everything is now working proves it is not my Xbox One at fault (nothing has changed). These server glitches are getting really annoying!

How is everything going today? I have passed this onto the team, but across here and social people seem to be experiencing less issues. Please let me know one way or the other. :slight_smile:

No changes here @Saltypatra :frowning:

Everything has been going pretty well since my last post. It seems to occur periodically and sporadically. Not sure, but might be at times of heavy server traffic.

I have a solution for you guys, reinstall GoW and reboot your router…and the game will play smooth as silk.