Please Fix GOW on Xbox One - Almost Unplayable Now


There is about 20 new glitches and bugs in GOW now and it seemingly happened overnight. I’m getting error codes all over the place, can’t play in the arena because I can’t collect my rewards, troops I’m getting via Iron Keys and Magic Keys only show up in my troop inventory about 50% of the time, my Revenge stats were reset partially, my PvP rank has been reset 3 times in the past 2 days, and the list goes on and on, what’s up with this. I know they are trying to update the game but don’t make it unplayable. Is anyone else experiencing this ridiculousness?


I’m on PS4 and the game does have it’s share of glitches, your experience sounds like more than that tho.

On PS4, you can upload your save to the cloud… or maybe the game saves to the servers automatically since it’s so online dependent. Perhaps verify that your save is safe and then I’d suggest deleting the game and re-installing as a troubleshooting step. Maybe even ask the guys at the 505 games support section of the forums about the process of re-installing. It would suck to lose your progress so be cautious.