Game Becoming Unplayable


I am playing on Xbox One, and since the 4.0 update the server lag and troop menu freeze has gotten worse. I have to keep restarting the game after about 20 to 30 minutes to even get a game. And that darn BLUE CIRCLE OF DOOM I am seeing every time going into a battle. And that grey loading line keeps going for about 30 seconds every battle. I am a massive fan of Gems and the Devs, just wish you could have the servers fixed. Again thank you for an otherwise awesome game.


Tried to play for a few hours this morning but just gave up, chat, pvp and troop menu may as well not exist.


Same here tried to play today for gnomes and it’s just a constant loading screen and freezing.


I have the same issues when it comes to loading/lag and I’m on PC. Battles take twice as long or even longer to load - basically the gray loading bar fills twice instead of once and usually there’s lag during the loading (the gems circling around the card imagine freeze as well for a second).

It’s kinda okay when you do super-long battles like in delve or pet rescues which just take time, but fast battles like explore are a joke - the loading takes so much longer than the battle that it’s crazy.


You mean you don’t like waiting between battles, attempting to switch troops, or having to disconnect and reconnect chat because it dies nonstop?


Yes, It wasn’t has bad before the 4.0 update.