Game is unplayable


FIX THE SERVERS! We have 10+ delves left from the gems spent to play the faction event. Unable to complete because of server issues.





Our guild has lost many players the past month due to server/connection/gameplay issues.


It is a weekend and the devs won’t be in the office until it is finished :wink:


I’m just not going to do many teirs anymore. Too many problems. The game has lots of problems and delves take too dang long.


I spent 700 gems and all of my sigils are going down the toilet because the game won’t work! Hopefully they can extend the event by a day at least. I doubt they will care about my 700 gems…but I will keep my hopes up. I keep checking to see if the game works every half hour.


This is what you can do in case of not receiving gems or other valuables.
This is the answer received when reporting another issue.


The team are looking into some server issues on PS4 that have been happening this morning.


Your’e looking into them NOW?


On PS4, so many errors contacting the server all day. Long delays when launching various areas: troops/edit team, guild menu, etc. We also spent several gems to participate in the faction event, but are unable to proceed through it due to the server errors. Several times today, the game seemed like it was back to normal, so I would start a match, but the game would lose connection to the server at the end of the match. We have lost several sigils and delves this way. I just tried to proceed past Room 1 of another delve and the server was unresponsive again. I let it sit for about 5 minutes and clicked the Retry button and it finally registered the win. Frustrating. Basically unplayable.


In the interest of not losing more resources I would wait on word from us that the servers are clear. As mentioned earlier, we are working on fixing this problem as quickly as we can.


Delves take way too long!! And Game freezes after every second Battle. What do the Developers expect from us, playin 8 Hours a Day to finish Invasion, Dungeon, Delves, Pet Rescue & Trophies for our Guilds? Gems is completely overloaded with Events that are just too long!! My Rank 7 Guild lost 2 Players due to all the Time needed for all the new Stuff. I spend 4 Hours in the All Seeing Eye Event and i thought i’d never get out again. Sorry,Dev’s, i love the Game but you overdid it this time. It’s too much.


Besides the Freezing and Server issues, i don’t have my Dwarf Style Avatar anymore, it disappeared, where is it? Don’t want my Money back, just don’t take it away from me, i liked it. FIX IT !!!


All our server issues have now been resolved on console. (Yes, both XBox and PS4.) Thank you for your patience! :heart:

@Wildball please contact our support and we can resolve this issue for you ASAP.