Server's Making Game Unplayable

The game is unplayable at the minute, because of the lagging and loading. This is on Xbox. And it’s NOT my Internet lol.


Experiencing the same on steam at the moment.

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I hope that you didn’t make any budget cuts to the servers!
It’s much worse now than it used to be.

Instead of waiting for a fraction of a second, I could end up waiting 10-30 seconds at times.

I hope that you expand and/or upgrade your servers if this is so.

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Realize the game is probably seeing an influx of users connecting considering how many are stuck at home globally.


The influx wouldn’t be any higher than it was a week ago.
But I suspect it’s not a Gems of War issue but an Amazon issue instead if that matters at all.
Basically it means that I+2 can’t do much to resolve the lag. I base this off the “green exclamation point”. Whenever something is wrong with the office servers we will get a “yellow or red exclamation point”.
It’s the messenger, in a way, that’s causing the extreme lag.

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It is yellow on Xbox.

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At the time of my previous post I was still experiencing significant lag. But no longer am now.

Still extreme lag on Xbox.

Same thing here. It’s ridiculous

Extreme lag on PS4

Hey, sorry for the lag last night.
We are NOT cutting our servers back, more people are playing than ever with all the quarantines happening around the globe.

I’ve spoken to the team and we’re going to be throwing more server at the problem (more power scotty!)


Still lagging on Xbox today, got the yellow “!”.

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Too many Alts logged in at the same time…

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Bots take up a lot of server space.
Or 4.9 does… servers usually get really laggy when they are getting ready to update the game. Though I personally believe the update is still weeks away.
PC/Mobile is currently on max lag… And it just cost me a sigil in the Faction Assault. :roll_eyes:


Any idea when this Will be sorted? It’s not as bad as yesterday but it’s still pretty damn bad.

It’s still bad and nothing has changed.

Thought about doing today’s faction but since I had to work I was not inclined to throw the Gems down the shitter. Would have been hard to get it to 500 without the issue. No way I was trying it with the issue.

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Remember that this game uses Amazon servers … so similar to massive lag last year (august?) There is little that the devs can do …

That’s good to hear!

Go to maximum warp!

Going to maximum warp - more power has been thrown at it.