Performance Issue

For the last few days GOW has been running very slow. Especially when spamming PVP. It is taking 20-30 seconds to load between battles, when normally this is around 10 seconds. I’m am playing on the ps5 format.


I have the same problem.
The only solution I found is to change my ip address.
(restart your internet box)
Or to use a vpn on pc.
But the problem comes back every day.

Yeah, doing PvP has been pretty slow going for me recently on PS5. Not sure if it’s every platform but it feels like a slow servers issue; the wait with the spinning gems is particularly lengthy right now.

On one occasion I had 2 sets of spinning gems overlaid and the game hung, needing a restart.

Hope it’s fixed before the Vault Weekend <3

It’s the same issue on Xbox, since Friday it’s been a problem.

@Bramble , @Jeto can you look into this. It seems to be cross platform.


Maybe the amount of server power has been reduced due to sinking demand.

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