Server Problems Again

Fed up of not being able to play the game anymore.

I’ve spent a fortune on this game and its about time this is sorted. I cant remember the last time this game didnt freeze mid match - probably about 6 months ago.

I want someone to explain when this will be fixed PROPERLY and not just for a few hours until it happens.

I’ve lost so much ground in gold, gems, glory, keys, exp. The lot.

I want some form of recompense for all the time i have lost fighting battles to have the game freeze.

Is anyone going to sort this shambles out. I’m witholding spending any more money until the game can go two whole weeks without these problems. No other game i have ever played has been plagued with such issues for so long. And don’t come back with the same old excuse that “it is being looked at and it is just teething problems” because it has been happening for months.

Sick of having to report this all the time. Just sort it out.

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Hi Se7endevils,

We didn’t experience any server problems in the last 24 hours… if a game is freezing mid-fight, it’s likely some other issue though, not the server (the end or the start of the fight is usually the server though).

I’ve left a note for one of our engineers to take a look at your account along with a support person when they’re all back in the office on Monday.

If you haven’t already, please open a support request at our help center
Also make sure you’ve provided us the following information on the request (whether you have submitted an issue or not):

  • Invite Code
  • Platform: Mobile/PC, Xbox, or PS4 (looks like Xbox One from your message history?)
  • Some details about your device (Android or iOS device only)
  • The country/region you live in
  • Any indication of exactly when the issues started occurring
  • An indication of exactly where in the game you encounter the issue… if multiple places, just the 2 or 3 main ones

Finally, the note I’ve left for the team references you as Se7endevils… if that’s not in your email or invite code, let me know here, and I’ll change the note.

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Mine was doing that on my PS4 as well, (when a baby dragon would use a spell). I reported the issue to PS4, but still not fixed. Luckily my boyfriend helped me get past all 4 baby dragons. But it takes forever when a match is over to get the rewards and sometimes it will stop completely. Very aggravating.

Sorry about that - we’ve got the baby dragon fix coming in the next update (still a few weeks away though)

I had a lot of server problems on xbox one ~24 hrs ago, 9-11 am EST on feb 3rd east coast US.

Has issues only when talking to the servers, usually after I won the game. The colored gems would spin a while, and eventually I’d get the retry or quit dialogue box. I’d click retry, it’s spin for a few minutes and back to retry or quit. Eventually retry usually worked.

Yup can’t play more then 2 pvp fight without error (xboxone)

I was also seeing blips with login problems (“Unable to connect to the server”) today on the XB1 around 11am EST and 2:15pm EST Saturday Feb 4th. Resolution required a complete exit to the XB1 Dashboard. It wasn’t sufficient to simply drop to the Gems of War sign-in loader screen, which I tried several times before Quitting entirely and restarting.

I ran a whole bunch of tests with extra telemetry on all platforms last night during peak period.

Everything was fine except some issues on Xbox One that are consistent with what you folks describe above.

I’ve got some data for the engineers to look at Monday, but sadly I’m not awesome enough to figure out the problem myself. They’re awesome though… I’m sure they’ll find the issue.

Longer Version
It seems we’re getting short 5-10 minute spikes in latency for some reason on Xbox One only (it’s not the good ol’ Mongo Database… that’s running smoothly. And it’s not our server capacity… they’re running at 50% usage). That was why we missed it… typically we keep an eye on a few different things, but we were not keeping an eye on short-term latency on individual platforms, only on the CAUSES of latency. That’s now been added to our reporting dashboards.

What is latency, for anyone wondering? It’s the time it takes the server to respond to your messages. The OLD servers typically sat at around 2 sec latency. Our new servers typically sit at 0.5 - 1 sec latency, with occasional spikes up to 2 sec. That’s why things can seem a bit faster after the server migration. Of course you need to add your internet latency onto that, which is probably less than 0.2 sec for most folks in the USA, but can jump way higher if there is a problem between your device and our servers.

For the record, before anyone asks… Latency IS super important, and we WOULD be silly not to track it. However we actually thought we WERE tracking latency by tracking the 2 causes of it - database queues & CPU usage. This issue with latency on Xbox One this weekend, was caused by something different.

I’m not sure what’s causing it… as I mentioned above, typically server latency is either an issue with lack of resources, or database queries taking too long & queueing up. So I’m going to pass it along to our engineers who will be back in the office tomorrow!


I understand but it can be frustrating when you are playing then it stops for no reason.

Btw you still awesome @Sirrian :slight_smile:

Playing about an hour ago on Xbox One, I was working on setting up a new team. When I tried to back out after making changes, I received server-related messages suggesting that I quit and reload the game. After quitting from and not making those team changes, I was not able to select anything else without getting the “server problem” messages. I logged off and have not attempted to load up again since that time.

I concur with others in that it would be nice to see these problems eliminated.