Aggravating server issues

Maybe it is just bad luck on my part but… I have fought maybe 25 invades so far today and 4 of them showed errors after the fight was complete and not giving rewards. This is becoming very frustrating to me! Got the wrong kingdom error, battle already completed error, Login error, and some other error I don’t remember. I am used to this happening every once and awhile but this is way too often. I mean come on 4 out of 20 or 25??

Ok, I am done venting. Is anyone else having these issues, are there server issues? Or am I just the lucky one?

I had the “Wrong Kingdom Match” error happen 2-3 times last night, too.

My most frequent one is when the app crashes, closes down and an error code appears on the screen.

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I got 2 of those today too. Worst part I was on a great win streak and lost it for nothing. . Now I have 67 wins and 1 defeat without losing any matches. .
And a member in every our guild lost 400+ win streak because of this. Feels very bad.

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Ironically, I haven’t gotten one since. But in an hour and a half or so I got 4. Was really getting ticked off.

This happened to me a number of times last night. My stats are pitiful right now because of losses that weren’t losses. Grrr

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