Server issues (change the less than 15 characters minimum please)

Spinning wheel of frustration for PC/Mobile on at least the Central US Server.
Matches take forever to start and then also to get the victory screen.
Tested on 2 separate internet sources.


Confirmed. It’s horrible. What’s going on? Hamster wheels ran out of juice?


Same here, for the last 15 minutes or so it’s been extremely laggy.


Taking way longer to upgrade troops I noticed. Like way longer.

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Here on PS4 also, so laggy!!

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European or Germany too. Nice that you confirm its not my phonecomnection

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Same for me - the game is very laggy. Europe.

Same here, Western Canada

Same on Xbox One also

Same here PS4 - NW US - Montana

Same PC/Mobile CO, US. Everyone in game chat has confirmed it’s laggy on their end as well.

Game is unplayable. If I want to wait five minutes to load a battle I’ll play LGOH.
But two minutes to open a mail? Or anything else? Pass. Since it seems to be affecting everyone I’ll stop playing til its fixed. Even battles seem to be going more slowly.

More like hamster wheel ran out of hamster

Even the servers are sad and upset that Earth’s Fury isn’t available.

Same old crap. Different day.

Never had it slow like this since october

Seems to be working again on PC/mobile.

We are looking into our server performance now. It should be a little better than earlier, but we are still investigating.


Are there any compensation plans for the recent server issues?
I probably lost around 30-45 minutes of my free time just because the servers were lagging like crazy.

I think the policy is you have to lose an hour or more of the time you were already wasting playing match 3 games before compensation can be requested. So 45 mins doesn’t quite qualify.

Seriously? What kind of compensation are we entitled to for a few hours of slow servers? If it lasted a full day or more perhaps a different story but 45 minutes of lost productivity??? The time line of posts above suggest about 5-6 hours. Come on now…