Server issues (change the less than 15 characters minimum please)


Right after daily reset just now. I’m starting to see lag.


According to the server team this looks like a generic performance issue that can sometimes happen after daily reset (due to the massive changes and new players logging in). From what we can see it seemed to resolve within 20 minutes but if you notice new server issues I’d make a new report as it seems unrelated to the previous issue :slight_smile:


We only release compensation for server issues when they are persistent, ongoing and widespread. We are quite generous with our server compensation, especially compared to other games, but this isn’t large enough to warrant compensation.


“just keep spinning, just keep spinning”


… You spin me right round, baby
Right round like a record, baby
Right round round round
You spin me right round, baby…


Devs we’re bumping this because lag is an issue again.


Sorry for the delayed reply @awryan
I did report this to the team at the time it was happening and unfortunately a major service provider was having degraded performance which affected many online services at the time either with just degraded performance or full on outages.

This wasn’t an issue with the game servers so we had to wait like everyone else until the service provider rectified the issue.


Laggy again on PS4 :snail:


Ditto on PC/mobile


Regardless of it’s the game server or the service provider. It’s still lag.
I realize there’s nothing you can do about it.
But shouldn’t it at least cause this to go yellow or red?


We’re having the same issue again atm :frowning:

Because the game server is fine the ! is green, the problem is between you and the game server and we don’t monitor every connection.


So not everyone is currently experiencing lag? Just some players on multiple platforms?
I get it. There’s nothing wrong with the electric company. My block or city just doesn’t have power.
But if I go online it will say outages in my area. Where as the indicator in GoW is green to go. (Because I know you love my analogies. :grin:)