"Troops" or "Edit Teams..." lag

I checked the know issues page and tried searching the forum for a similar topic. I’m very surprised not to find it.

I’m playing GoW on 2 iPads – different generations – and, after playing for any notable length of time, going to the troop selection screen may take 30 seconds or more. Both devices have the same behaviour. It happens using either the Troops button from the main screen or the team editing button when preparing for a battle.

When the program is first launched and running normally, these functions take no more than 2 seconds.

This is the biggest playability issue I see in the game…even more than the “crash on first launch” problem.

It has been adressed a bunch of times and developers said that it’s a memory leak problem with Unity engine in which this game is built and that they only can do minor fixes untill more stable version of Unity is released for all platforms this game is on (pc, android, ios, amazon, playstation and xbox)

A memory leak problem that affects only one game function?
That’s…unusual, to say the least.

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This is being addressed in 4.2 :slight_smile:


This should be fixed in the latest update version 4.2! Sorry it wasn’t in the known issues

Yes! Thank you!