Issue. Game slows down after some time

I noticed a strange behavior of GOW application.
When application are running for a some time (“some time” is mean about hour or more) - its begin to slow down.

Example. I run game, claim my tribute rewards - everything fine. Then I minimize game an do something else on PC. After some time i switch back to GOW application and trying to get tribute rewards. And at that point - it lasts for about 5-10 minutes. Same behavior with Troops button and mail button. And quit from game also very slow. So i even need to close game through task explorer. The one button that still works good seems PVP button.

Technical details: while this issue my cpu is loaded on 25-30% by your application (in normal conditions your game consume 5-7% of my cpu while running).
My PC details i5-6500 / 16Gb ram / gpu gtx1060 - 6 Gb.

So I guess memory leaks? Or you forget to realize code to release the memory in time?
Another question to developers which may be related to this issue: why you app consumes 2-4% of cpu time while minimized (I remind it uses 5-7% of my cpu while it active and I playing)? So can you explain what its doing and why uses so much cpu time while minimized?

I see this on my iPad fairly often, I usually have to quit the app and restart every hour or so. Considering a lot of the other problems in the game it’s a really minor grip right now.

On my PC it starts around 550 Mb memory and slightly climbs by about 30Mb during battle. After the first battle, it goes a bit down and then climbs back up for a total gain of 40 Mb. Then, it keep adding more memory, around 3-5 Mb per battle and a little bit also while simply idling. Seems like a clear memory leak. CPU is constant at about 1.5-2%, does not really need more than that. And graphic memory is steady at about 55 Mb, does not go up or down by much even over extended periods of time. The app does slow down eventually, after about an hour and a half for me, so needs a restart.