CPU Usage Continuously Rises on Steam

This happens every time I launch the game. The longer I play, the higher the CPU usage of GoW gets, and after an hour or so it is very visibly dropping my FPS. Gems will hang before falling, or will just instantly change positions and/or disappear with no visible animation. After 2 hours it’s pretty much unplayable. Closing the game and restarting it will immediately reset the game performance back to being good. It has not always been like this, I used to be able to leave the game running for hours with no problems. This started sometime in the past few weeks. At one point I upgraded to the newest nVidia drivers and immediately had a lot of stuttering in-game (even when the game had just launched). I cleaned the drivers and reverted to my old graphics drivers, which fixed the immediate stuttering. The slow increase in CPU usage may have started around that time, but I think it started more recently.

The game does not increase in memory usage over time, but the CPU usage (on one of two cores) will go from around 20% when it first launches to around 80% before I can’t handle it anymore.

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I have this same issue, and it usually happens quicker when using Exploder Type’s.

Not sure why, but game will be so laggy after 1 hour, I must close and reopen it.

Memory footprint is very high as well and steadily climbs

Noticed similar behavior on Android mobile past two weeks

It’s happening to me as well on a PC that can run most AAA games on high settings.

Agree! There is also a Serious memory leak on mobile. The battery drain is insane! Devs please fix this longstanding issue!


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To add some more info. When I launch the game it is at 10-20% CPU usage and 180 MB of RAM. After 2 hrs, this becomes 300 MB of RAM and 45% CPU usage (or 90% of 1 CPU). These numbers are just idling on the world map.
System specs:
Win 7 Ultimate x64 with Nvidia 376.33 drivers. Pentium G3258 @ 3.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 460 v2
Playing windowed mode at 1260x815.

My wifes computer has a worse CPU/RAM/GPU, running Win 10 x64 and Nvidia 342.01 drivers, does not have this problem at all.

After more testing, I agree that it is much, much worse when using exploder troops. I had been just farming traitstones with a Bombot team when I was noticing this problem. Last night I left my GoW running all night and it was not sluggish in the morning. So it either gets worse with games played or specifically with gem explosions. I’ll try playing a non-exploding PVP team tonight for several hours and see if it gets sluggish. Or maybe a non-exploding explore team to see if it’s just # of matches played.