GoW Overheats My Laptop


I noticed something odd the past few weeks with Gems of War in regard to its usage. It uses a similar amount of CPU like other similar games, but the temperature of my computer gets a lot higher while playing GoW. GoW on average makes my laptop 10°C higher than running something of similar usage. While streaming it can push my temperature into critical levels of 90°C - 105°C after just a few hours, sometimes even as fast as an hour if it is an extremely hot day. The closest any other game, even ones using more CPU, have gotten to that is 80°C-93°C. I don’t have the best of cooling systems for my laptop, but GoW makes it noticeably hotter than any other game I currently play. Non-streaming temperature stays around 70°C-80°C, but is still around 10°C higher than similar applications.


Do you have a dedicated video card? My guess would be that it’s the component generating the extra heat, and that GoW isn’t capping the frame rate. Forcing VSync might help.


The engine they’re using is not as GPU-optimized as it should be, really. I have seen higher-than-expected GPU use on both the WIndows and Android platforms, it’s the same engine, different GPUs. It got worse when they added all the pre-turn 1 animations for skill adjustments.


when you use anything in a way it wasn’t designed to function you should expect issues coming thick and fast. if a pc is not a option and you insist to use a laptop against the grain make sure fan is clean and try to keep multitasking limited I guess