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Need help understanding why game closes when leaving for a minute

my friend is having a problem that no one else that I know who plays GoW on an iPad has. Every time he leaves the app for a minute, then returns, the game has closed and has to go thru startup again. For most of us the game is stable enough to handle this, for him, no. Mind you, his game is stable once he’s playing, it’s leaving for a minute that is the problem. I’d like to know if anyone else has this problem, and if so, have you found out why it’s happening? I have the stats from his iPad if necessary. Why am I asking this? He’s so frustrated that he’s pretty much given up on GoW and I’d really like to keep him in the game!

Note: not an expert, and may be completely off base. It sounds like a memory management system on his iPad is very aggressive, and clears Gems from memory every chance it gets. What else does your friend have open on the iPad? Does this happen after a hard reset (or whatever flushes the memory) where Gems is the only app running?

And is this iPad an older model with not as much RAM?

interesting idea! He’s been running the game as the only app open and it still happens when he leaves the app for a minute and the iPad goes to sleep. Mine has no problem handling that, so it seems odd. He’s done everything suggested in a article on the GoW support page (https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/333757034935-General-troubleshooting-guide-Amazon-iOS-and-Android-) and the problem has persisted. It is an older (by technology standards) model (MD521C/A) iPad, but it has a capacity of 60+GB so the RAM shouldn’t be that small. Maybe? As for the actual amount of RAM, no idea at the moment how to find out the size of it. Anyway, thanks for the idea, and for trying to help! For everyone who sees this post, there is a screenshot of his iPad->About tab available.