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Freezing Bug not Fixed with 4.0?

Is anybody still experiencing the game freezing when clicking troop menu, clicking X when editing team etc etc? I thought this was being fixed with patch 4.0, but I’m still having to close the game down and re-load around every hour or so.

Also the more you play the longer and longer it takes to load in between PVP battles. Probably a couple of seconds when I first boot up, and around 30-40 seconds (or more) after playing for about an hour.

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If I remember correctly, this is a memory leak in the unity engine. Unity needs to fix the leak in the engine and then GoW will need to be updated with the new engine. This will likely take some time. It was mentioned in a fairly recent developer Q&A in August:


Yeah, unfortunately this is the problem with a game industry that relies on one engine to survive. If that engine has a bug, anyone affected by it has to wait for them to fix it. Even if a lot of games are affected, no one really has any way to force the engine to update faster. You can’t exactly change engines very easily.

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Still seem like chat and lag are not on priority of the fix list

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