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Game loads slower after 3.1 update

Not sure if this is the correct place for this. Please move if not.

On ps4, Before the 3.1 update, the load times for explore and quests were MUCH faster. In the sense that 95% of the time the load screen would come up and then the circling gems “load screen” would immediately jump down and you would be take to the match.

Since the update, now you have to wait for a full loading of the load bar before the gems jump down and you’re taken to your match.

When you’re playing 50 explore battles in a row, this actually adds quite a bit of time to your play sessions. More so the more matches you play.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is this something that the devs have acknowledged and made aware that they’re trying to bring back / fix? It was really nice to have those uber fast load times…


I agree - I’ve seen the exact same thing. Where repeated explores used to load really quick, now they are considerably slower. Not annoyingly slow most of the time, but noticeably.

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So much for 4x giving extra gold! So they’ve gone and nerfed loading times as well! The bastards! Lol :joy::joy::joy:

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To be clear, the “instant load times” only ever happened for games that did not have “user generated defense teams”. So the instant load times came from quests, explore, challenges, etc… not from PvP or Guild Wars.

However, when you’re grinding explores, those extra load times really add up.

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def noticed this :weary: this happens on pc also

I wonder what the cause of it is…

@Saltypatra @Sirrian @Alpheon ?

Just a hiccup in the code of the new patch that slowed it down or something more? Can we expect to see a return of the faster load times? :slight_smile:

Overall just sucks after 3.1