Slaves to Games Like This

So, when I started to play GoW more a couple years ago. I thought, finally something different with decent devs. Well, sorry but I was wrong. Well, mostly anyways. I have spent money on this game to help support the devs. I believe in this. But, spending money on this is kinda worthless now imo. Especially after level 500+. Nothing worth the money spent. Sorry devs. I will not pay out thousands of dollars just to get ahead or get what I want in a game. Totally not worth it. I also will not spend 16 hours a day 7 days a week on a game either. Never have and never will. And this is where GoW becomes worthless. Fun game and all. For example that Soul collection card. OMG! 1mil souls and all these other weapons to craft and all just for a little boost in souls? What a rip off. I was told there was a free mythic every 3 months or so… Maybe not anymore. Since I started this game… Never been offered this. Always had to pay real money in some way or pray it would be drawn. Not that troop but any mythic. I have several but that was luck. Also, troops like Goblins. They should be banned or the extra turn be removed. In fact any extra turn ability should be removed. Only Goblins and a few other have this and can be totally abused and spammed. Not in a fun way either. I will not spend a penny on this game anymore. Not worth it at all. You got me. I will admit that. You totally conned me. Gratz. Only game I ever played I fell for the greed. You devs are just more patient than most game devs. Great money grab con. In fact, I may not play this game for very much longer. Not very fun anymore. More of a chore or job now. I thought this game would stay fun almost forever… And your soul and gold accumulation is a joke. I am past level 1000 and still get less than 5k gold per pvp battle. Not to mention that pitiful arena. Claim its balanced… Not even a little. Seems your idea of balance differs. Souls… May as well give up. Unless you pay $1,000,000,000s… Your not going anywhere or as already said spend 16 hours a day 7 days a week… You might go far. This is why so many people cheat. Because of this. I will try to see any kind of light at the end of the tunnel but… Don’t really see it. Only gets darker and darker and more players are seeing this and will be leaving and then your company will go bust in 5 years. You will see.


There has never been a mythic for free.

The concept is dungeons. If you do your three daily dungeons every day, in about two to three months you will have enough diamonds to craft a mythic troop in the soul forge (they change each week).

You can spped this up by spending 50 gems on Sundays and by completing other events and guild tasks which sometimes offer diamonds.


Cool. But, one craft-able troop every 3 months… Now counts all the mythics and do the math… I’ll pass.

Also troops like Egg Thief are basically a lie. Say it destroys gems as if they were matched. Really? How then if mang used with 80 attack, and destroy up to 20 gems… Only maybe 5 damage is done. This is a big lie. Unless I misunderstand what as if gems were matched means? Let’s say, 12 skulls are destroyed removed etc. Times the matched 3 skulls by 4 and to be nice, this isn’t including the uber skulls. The health of the other teams card is less than 40 and armor is less than 20. One egg thief spell cast should destroy other teams card but doesnt even do 10 total damage with my\your mang having 80 attack or more. Mechanics are totally false or broken or I don’t understand what as are matched means?

No wait a sec, no one uses Egg Thief for killing lol. We use it for filling up Skeleton Key and other useful troops. And as you earn more gold, eventually the thief will explode a whole board.


Gow is a game of patience. If you were expecting instant results, this game isn’t for you. 1 to 2 a day is more than enough to get you far.
Actually please go play Legendary game of heroes, or other card games where power creep fast becomes an issue, and maybe you will know what a scam actually means.

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Every 4 weeks, i got all myths now and paid no money.

Perhaps you forgot spending some money here and there.

If your guild finishes all tasks and you buy every day’s 50-gem bundle, you get 620 diamonds (540 + 8600 shards). In 4 weeks you’d only have 2,480, so you’re still short 1,520 diamonds. You need more like 6 weeks.

(There are diamond rewards from events, and I don’t have that data, but I don’t believe any event gives out the +380/week you’d need to meet the claim.)

The 3-month mark is a decent estimation for a player not spending 50 gems daily. If you use the guild task income alone, that’s 390 diamonds so you’d need about 11 weeks to get a mythic. Most people call 4 weeks “a month” so this is more or less 3 months.

Anyway that’s not really the point here, I think OP talked to the wrong people when deciding what kind of game this is. Here’s a kind of bullet point map to their concerns:

  • “Past level 500 nothing in the shop is tempting.” (I agree, no non-flash-deal in has been interesting to me since I figured out how the currencies work.)
  • “I think this game requires thousands of dollars and 16 hours a day 7 days a week.” (That’s only if you want to go from newbie to leaderboards in like, a month. Or consistently win the leaderboards. Most people can ignore that.)
  • “For example, that Soul collection card” (I think OP has Dawnbringer and Pharos-Ra confused here?)
  • “I was told there was a free mythic every 3 months.” (Don’t tell newbies this, it’s not true. You can only get a free mythic every 3 months if you are in a guild that finishes all tasks and you can complete the day’s dungeons every day. It takes a couple of months before newbies can reach that goal.)
  • “Goblins should have the extra turn removed.” (The entire game should have extra turns removed.)
  • “Not worth it at all.” “You totally conned me.” “Great money grab con”. “I may not play this game for very much longer.” (You appear to have a problem.)

The rest of it is kind of repetitive, more of the, “More players are going to quit like me, you’ll see, I’ll post this same rant again in 6 months when I’m mysteriously still playing a game I hate.”

I literally thought this was a thread revived from years ago when I saw a complaint about goblins being too strong

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They can still do what they used to do, it’s just far fewer people see it these days because teams win about 6 turns faster than they did last year.

Before the Ubastet era, you knew Goblins were going to get at least one chance to do their deadly spin cycle. It only happened “rarely”, but if you face the same team 50 times then “rarely” will happen multiple times.

Now we’re in the Rope Dart era where it’s possible you’ll kill Nobend or Fizzbang before they fill themselves. The surest way to make sure you don’t lose a dice roll is to not let the dice roll! So Goblins are on defense less frequently, and when they are they get fewer chances to try to be broken, thus if you face them 50 times you probably don’t see “multiple death spirals” anymore.

Holy cow Wall of Text.

The game as it stands is quite fair to the F2P crowd without letting the supporters get out of hand. You are not meant to collect all troops. The point of a CCG is to always be striving.

It’s a bummer that you aren’t having fun with the game any longer. There’s no need for a doom and gloom parting shot, though.

Honestly, this thread should be deleted. It’s just a sour grape diatribe and it filled with misinformation.


Apoll. buy reading you’re coments. The only thing that comes to my mind is. Are we playing the same game.
As a lvl 1000 player You say u are. Would never complain like this. This is just too stupid Sorry.

Good luck

Honestly, being level 1000+ and still not knowing how egg thief works, and how damage/mana gain from explosions is counted is… Wow. Mildly said WOW.

Just for the record 1:
Gems being removed as matched = each mana gem gives one mana point, each skull deals 1 dmg point, each doomskull deals 3 dmg points. Regardless your first troop. Egg thief does NOT explode gemsz it removes them instead. Thus 10 skulls on a fully removed board = 10 dmg.

Gems being exploded = each mana gem gives 0.5 mana, each skull gives 1 damage. Bronzelock pistol for example explodes the whole board. Same damage output as egg thief, less mana income.

For the record 2 :
The soul collection troop is Pharos Ra. The 1 million troop is actually a weapon, Dawnbringer. No one’s forcing you to go for it (and it’s not even SO useful for its cost, if you ask me).

For the record 3 :
Everything ingame can be beated with right strategy. If you don’t manage to beat a certain team (like goblins), then it’s not that the game/devs conned you. It’s more that you don’t have the required creativity/don’t bother thinking together teams. Don’t project your inner stuff on the game…

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Doomskulls do 5 damage each as far as i’m aware.
The hint is on the skulls (+5).


I agree that “As if they were matched” is misleading.

Can I get a mana surge? No. Can I get an extra turn by destroying 4 of same color? No. Will I deal my attack damage if I destroy 3 skulls? No.

Happy birthday fleg

They do x5 if you match them. 3 doomskulls = 15 dmg. They do 3 if they’re exploded/removed.

Yeah man, this game is hard to beginners and sometimes is Very frustrating, the Key is play a little each day, and dont loose your hopes,

You are right about 1 thing.
If you want to play, you don’t have life…
That is reason why I’m stop to play this.
I’m was 1470+ level when I’m was done with this game.
Now it is Gems Of Event…

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I don’t recall seeing any notes that skull damage was also halved with explosions (then rounded up).

My understanding was they were always set damage at +1 per skull and +5 per doomskull.

Unfortunately i’m not that tech savvy so i was unable to produce a video for you but took 2 screenshots of a before and after explosion.

I expected 12 damage counting the brown gems and surroundings and that was the result i got.