After five years of playing, it's clear it's time to quite GoW

It’s been growing for a while, but the last week plus has been loud and clear: GoW is dead. You don’t even care enough about the game to fix the bugs or communicate with your player base about what is going on. You have clearly moved on to other things, so it’s time I do as well. I plan to finish (minus the last three stars apparently) the campaign (because I paid for it), and then close my account.

Thank you for good times and a place to find a great guild, and I’m sorry you didn’t have the guts to stand by to the end of the game.


Its kinda an infantilism to be either silent and irresponsible. Its not up to the players to have guts to play in raw bugged product, but its up to devs to have guts to admit that they screwed up and to straight things out. On the place of 505 I’d fired everyone for such an negligence. But, as I said previously, I doubt that such a situation could happen without full knowledge of parental company. Probably cause it has thrown devs powers on new project. Anyway, it seems nor devs nor publishers can count money properly.


People would be less upset if there was some communication, instead of being met with total silence.

Even a ‘hey this is tougher than we thought, please bear with us’ would be nice.

Burying your heads in the sand and pretending there is no problem, is only making things worse.


I agree, I am in a very friendly and supportive guild on Xbox, but i am very very close to leaving the game.

It is the pure neglect, especially for the players that have spent money for such a broken product.


cya, I guess. goddamn farewell threads…

with all the frustrations that are completely understandable please find something better and promote the game. I guess a few would be interested.

The bugs and lack of balance changes in this game baffles me. One could assume that the dev team has been reduced or moved onto other projects like the garbage dump that is PQ3 (SERIOUSLY WHY MAKE IT HAVE A TIMER, JUST LET ME PLAY AT MY OWN PACE LIKE THE OLD ONES)


Looking at the PQ3 forum that game feels like a dumpster fire running out of control as well. Lots of unfixed bugs, radio silence from Infinity Plus Two. My best guess would be that whoever they contracted their coding out to is no longer available.


Well hey, assuming they pull the plug on this game (which I don’t think is happening, but just in case), any other good game recommendations?

Binding of Isaac: Repentance would keep you occupied for quite some time if you’re into that sort of thing.

Not much like Gems of War. But a good challenge to complete and an easy game to play satisfyingly for 5 minutes or 5 hours to a session, which I think is a notable feat.

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I’ve been playing World Flipper lately, it’s a mobile gacha game (I know, I know…) with a real-time pinball mechanic. There’s a stamina system which doesn’t feel particularly intrusive because of the prevalence of co-op content that requires no stamina from participants. Unfortunately, after finishing the main campaign, there’s no way to grind out their equivalent of keys and chests at the moment beyond a paltry amount you get from daily missions.

xbox game pass is a good opportunity to try a bunch of different games


And it’sgot Hades at the moment, pretty sure!

Sorely temps me to take the plunge and buy the subscription, especially given the Game Pass’s strong showings to-date :joy::sweat_smile:

if you’re playing on android try ‘night of the full moon’
it’s a roguelike deck building game that i played during lockdowns last year

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We are posting as we have new information or resolutions to issues, currently we put out 4-5 bug fixes today and some compensation, which we’ve just communicated on the forum and in our Known Issues articles on our Help Center.

When we have more news about other issues we will post it.


I don’t know why you chose to reply to my thread with this. It wasn’t a plea to get you to do something; it was an explanation so that in whatever future projects you work on you (hopefully) don’t treat them the same way you have treated GoW (though I imagine if I come across your company’s name on any other products I’ll be reluctant to give it a chance after this).

Also, you know we can all actually see how much you have ignored the consumers recently, right? Gems of war developer - Gems of War | Forums


I’ve been playing Zen Koi 2 (mobile game) for the past month and it’s been great. There’s no daily FOMO. There are dailies, but you clear it through normal gameplay rather than having to do a specific boring thing, and if you miss it it’s not big deal at all. It’s F2P friendly. There’s no guild, so no requirements forcing you to login.

If you do check it out, hit me up. I started a small discord group mostly of GoWers.


And here it is. Bye everybody! Much thanks to Throne of Odin for being the best guild and keeping me playing far longer than I would have otherwise!


So… see you in a couple days/weeks?


I thought you quitted a month ago.

Just find a guild where you can have a break in the game. Or transfer to a less active guild in your family. I found @Eika’s guild. Where chatting is more active than playing this game. Having fun reading chats so far.

:rofl: :rofl: