A Fond Farewell

As the title states, I’m done with playing GoW. I’m just not having fun anymore and there’s no sense in playing a game if you’re not having fun.

To my guild mates: The Elders
It was an honor and a privilege to be your Guild Leader. Y’all are a great group of people and I wish you the best in all you do. Remember, “Family and real life first, you second, and somewhere down the line is GoW.” Enjoy life and most importantly, Have Fun!

To the GoW Devs:
Thank you for providing a quality game that I enjoyed playing for a while. I respect your dedication to your player base in trying to satisfy as many as you can. I don’t envy your job, but I do appreciate it.

To the GoW Community:
Thank you for all the laughs and “What The…?” comments I’ve had reading your posts. Thank you for the support and information that helped to make my journey easier and more fun (while it lasted). Try not to focus too much on the “dislikes” and try to enjoy the game as long as you can.

Farewell All,


I’m not far behind you. Wanted to say the same thing but not as nice. Thanks for the console port

Good luck @EternalElder with whatever you move on to! If you decide to come back im sure everyone would be glad to see you!


We will definitely miss having you as our leader for The Elders. I have quite the big shoes to fill. Keep in touch!


I know exactly how they feel and most of my guild have just about had enough. Death still can’t even play the sodding game because of purchase errors.

Always sad to hear a long time player go. Best of luck.

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Week 5 and my guild has turned into chaos, so wonderful

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In the 2.5 years I’ve been playing GoW, I’ve seen a lot of changes, some of which were very unhappy making for me. However, I still found fun in the game.

But with all these ‘dear john, I’m quitting’ threads starting up I am starting to see the writing on the wall. Its like GoW has jumped the shark and the devs are now divorcing themselves from the players rather than coddling and supporting them.

For instance, I’m a one troop defender. They nerfed it because probably one or two people complained and I never saw any real impact to the game or its balance for having one troop defends, but they got rid of it. I purposely liked it because putting up a one troop defense leaves you out of the meta in PvP for the most part.

Then in a move that is obviously to grief their mobile fan base, they release this 4x speed update to PC so that only PC players can grind out less than 1 minute matches. That is like a big middle finger to mobile players. I don’t think they are looking at their development roadmap and considering what will make the game better for their players, I think they have shifted towards open hate for their older players because they feel older players no longer give money and its all the newbies that will bring in the cash.


Thank you all for the kind words and likes. I really appreciate them.

@Zippity don’t try to fill my shoes, make a new pair for yourself. They’ll fit better. (Besides, my Wife says mine stink):nauseated_face:


Heh @Zippity’s probably do to lol

I did not know you, but I liked the way you wrote your farwell post. Best luck! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @EternalElder,

We wish you well on your gaming journey… may see you back here, or in another one of our games one day!

Actually, the opposite is true. Both Nimhain & myself had to step away from the forums because Gems has been growing at such an alarming rate this year, we’ve been unable to perform our ever-growing list of tasks AND hang out with you guys on the forums :frowning: which makes us sad.

But growing the game is a super-important, albeit time-consuming, task… so we go where duty calls! But we do still drop in for an occasional post, and we certainly do read many of the threads whenever we get a chance!