Goodbye GoW

After 2 years and $1000’s (VIP 17). I just can’t take it anymore. Too many changes to a game that didn’t seem broken, to what is looking like a game that is getting out of hand. New players at least have the fun of building kingdoms and collecting troops. Us end gamers are facing events with useless medals, delves that cost so many gems to get enough power to run a PF at 500. Seemingly wrong banners, graphics dropping out. Weeks with Guild Wars, a World Event and then a Weekend event, all in one week. Do you know how many gems it takes to do all of those satisfactorily? Please, Developers, I was happy to support you, as are many others, but the focus has to be on providing entertainment and enjoyment, not pure revenue raising! Where, tell me, is the satisfaction when you can buy major orbs and get Zuul Goth at level 1000. What about all of us who have worked, or a working for it? I am feeling sad and disappointed.


- Veterans/End Gamers supported the game with their own purchases or generated content attracting new players (that will spend money to play catch up) over years.
-Each of the recent updates brings less and less support to these players and focus more on the profits.
- Such Endgame Players complain, they keep trying to change things, they argue with others who think everything is FINE.
- Pandemic. EVERYONE struggles. Game still going on this $piraling path which is supported by the numbers since people have to stay in quarantine.
- Endgamers players leave, guilds are struggling to keep up. New players still come, the profits are still going well so they don’t have any reason to address the reasons that made people leave.

Keeping things like this might be exactly their goal. So don’t get me wrong, but they must be glad that you and other endgamers eventually leave because they can’t get money from you anymore. This vacuum in the balance of power on the upper guilds might drive others to purchase one more Gem’s subscription to spend them chasing the top of the leaderboard in one event.

If all players in the top 50 guilds would suddenly leave the developers wouldn’t even bat an eye if the other guilds below, plus all new players keep making some purchases.

And before the Bootlicking Brigade comes here to argue: Yes, this game is a business, and as all business it’s supposed to make a profit and should aim to increase said profits as they keep going. But so far the current state of the game feels exactly like that: “Push for the monetization, increase the pressure and time commitment for the players and make sure to do it with the bare minimum effort.”

And this, in my opinion, is a bad business practice.


I’ve noticed that decent recruits are increasingly scarce. Yes they may be 1000 plus but their endeavour is often suspect. I think many high guilds now struggle to build a solid team sheet because reqs have rocketed following Epic tasks and the sheer volume of grind just to complete dailies has become unsavoury. Campaign is problematic because its cash to assuage FOMO. My wallet remains closed.


Imagine if everyone should make a farwell thread whenever they quit a game. Its just a game, move on to the next game.


Was orbs of power in chaos orbs the last straw? Genuinely asking, because I thought that was mostly universally accepted as a good change.

I kind of would like to see that. Or a general “I’m leaving” thread where people could add themselves when they’re packing up. I hear people saying players are leaving all the time, but rarely see it myself.

And maybe if nobody left quietly and the forum was full of goodbye threads, just maybe it would become obvious enough and devs would have to actually do something about it. If the issue is “we don’t care about end game players leaving as long as we have enough newbies to spend money”, then maybe to force a change you need to cut off their newbie supply.

Don’t mind me, I’m in a “burn it all down” mood today :see_no_evil:


To read you correctly.

Quitting the game threads are unnecessary in your opinion.
But quitting the forums threads are appropriate?

That’s interesting.


I think end gamers should leave. There really isn’t much else for them to do. A lot of the ones that are still around are only getting more frustrated as they have pretty much accomplished everything there is to accomplish in the game. As another poster stated already I also honestly don’t believe the developers care about the end gamers. Most of them don’t need to spend anymore money on the game so there is no reason for the developers to keep them around.


I was more thinking they were referring to the ability to buy unlimited Chaos Orbs through the new Shrine mechanic. I’m vocally against manipulative monetization and even I think adding the 1% chance for a Greater Chaos orb to turn into a Power Orb was a good change. I have Zuul and the idea that others might not need to save up resources for a dang YEAR is 100% A-OK by me.

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Just to Update…I am not looking for sympathy or to be teased for saying I’m leaving. A few years ago I found myself alone after 40+ years of marriages and turned to a fun game for entertainment and friendship through a fabulous guild. I am only saying that I am disappointed with the changes made, which, in my opinion, have not enhanced the enjoyment of the game. I concede that it has been good having troop restrictions thereby forcing us to use troops we may not have otherwise used. I also understand the business side of things, as I own my own small business and have for 10 years. It is the enjoyment I miss, I have not begrudged a cent spent, it was my treat for me. I just wish that the game hadn’t changed so much to the point where it feels disorganised.


Why don’t you only play the parts you like? You say it’s too much to play all those things at once, and I agree with you, but you can skip any part you don’t like. You don’t want to pay $10 for two orbs of chaos, then don’t. You don’t like too many events on the weekends, then don’t play one of them. I do that sometimes, and it is so freeing.


Some can’t be selective tho. For some it’s all or nothing.


I’m an end-gamer, and I still have fun creating cheap broken teams. LOL


That is you that never share them, but hinting about them to get a reaction on the boards, or am I mixing you with someone else? :slight_smile:

But isn’t that more of a player problem than a dev problem? I have never seen a dev packing more content into a game as a bad thing. If the content is good or bad the player should be capable enough to determine if it’s worth their time. If they’re saying they can’t make that determination then the best thing to do is to flat out quit the game.

This is exactly why I love playing games. In GoW the devs put the content out there and if want to play it great, if not, no problem. This season I decided I don’t want to play campaign. I’ll miss out on a mythic and a few of those deed thingamabobs but not dealing with the headache of meeting quotas every week is awesome. The best thing about it is it was my choice.

This is exactly what I been preaching this whole time. You don’t need to do everything in the game. You should be doing everything in the game because you want to not because ‘it’s all or nothing’. It’s only fun until it isn’t fun anymore. If you’re still playing this and you’re not having fun then it’s a you problem, not a dev problem.


Yes, ofc. (10 letters)

@Denthegod preach! What is killing gems for players isn’t the devs in my opinion, its the players themselves and their FOMO. I understand that can still be seen as a problem for many players, and justifiable so to a degree. FOMO is real and im a solid victim of it at times. It’s why I max cosmetic pets for no other reason than I know they won’t be back in the game for years. But whats missing in that example is the fact that I can max those pets when they arrive. The game has allowed players to sink gems because they give you plenty of gems to begin with. I can max all cosmetics new and old, spend for all events and have enough for weekend faction runs.

I saw a screenshot the other day of an endgamer with 50k gems and I know they aren’t a high VIP. They are just an active longtime player in a super active guild(keys is how they likely got the gems up along with logins). That player wants for nothing. Players who are gem sinking on weekend faction don’t even realize how fortunate they are to even have the ability to do so without spending anything. In other games this type of “endgame content” is not possible unless you spend real money. If they miss out, the event comes around on Tuesday events in the faction cycle. The only reason they play like this is because they want to stay maxed and feel they have to. But that is solely a players choice.

The fact is everything is optional to the player. Its the guilds and networks that put the pressure on the players to keep doing more and more. If a player wants to have all things and play all events, there are guilds for that. If a player is overwhelmed and overworked with gems they should move down a guild or quit outright. No one is forcing them to play at a frantic pace. Its also not the games responsibility to give a player all the rewards for doing less. The rewards should match the play level, not the other way around.

No idea what I’m really trying to say in my ramble there lol, but in terms of OP they have every right to say their piece and it’s perfectly fine and encouraged for them to feel the way they do. I would hope more players say their piece and move on or play casually. It’s the ones who beat the dead horses and don’t make those changes that are most obnoxious(as much as myself and others are to them i’m sure). It’s not my fault I can do everything in the game and it doesn’t feel like a chore anymore than it’s your fault for not wanting to do that. One thing I know for sure is, the game doesn’t make you play one way or another. Gems is never changing the core gameplay and there probably won’t ever be less things to do. So if that feels terrible to you, there is an entire app/xbox/playstation/switch store to browse other fantastic games.

One last thing before I ineviably get quote hammered by the regulars. I understand why this would feel like an issue but for soo long we always hear how hard it is to get things and how long it would take a newer player to progress. The orb change is great. Just because the endgamers worked for that(myself included) doesnt mean everyone should have had to. At somepoint you will probably see book of deeds or imperials become more available. Why? Because there will be a new thing to takes it place and new players need a way to catch up. This is a big reason why players harping on the devs to only give them imperial offers cause they have everything else is ridiculous. If that occurred you’d have some crazy maxed accounts at the top and the gap between players would increase dramatically. I dont care that that’s all they need now, that doesn’t mean you should get it.


While I agree with most suggestions in your comment, I feel it has a shade of victim blaming. Only a tiny bit, I’d say. The FOMO attitude arises because of the rate at which new troops and other resources are introduced in the game. In the last year, it has been a visible trend.

If a player is almost at endgame, probably missing just a couple of mythics and some pets to max, they may fear about missing out on some resources that a very active guild produces. Imagine a player who has “everything” yet feels that fear. So much that they write a farewell bidding post.


And that’s just an obligation player is putting onto himself… I missing about 17-18 troops total. (including shade of kurandara and few legendaries). With campaigns added to the game, and extra troops added every campaign i won’t be able to reach the point where my collection is full. Before current camapaign troops are added to the pull, another bunch of them will be added for elite pass only in next campaign.

But you know what? Nobody forces me to have my collection maxed… Nobody forces me to get Orb each time event pops up (heck i’m not even bothering to buy tier I on tuesdays to get easy orb from faction assualt event, not mentioning class trials…). I’ve stopped doing daily delves months ago.
There’s a lot of things I dont do, and used to do year/2years ago. With more and more content added to game i pick up the one, thats most interesting for me, or provides ways for upgrading my kingdoms (currently 90% of them are pet-blocked), or i’m doing things that can be of some use by players community. FOMO in this game is just an imagination… If one has problems with missing something in game, just think of things in REAL LIFE that one might miss out when playing…that’s probably what people should be more concerned about…

cheers, and have a good day!


Well I’m not about to quit GOW, I already have quit. I was in AW Ryan’s fantastic guild family. I enjoyed the game and was a VIP 18. I had no qualms about spending money on a game I enjoyed. But I got burned out on the 3 guild event weeks that happened more and more frequently. Of course, I remember when there was virtually nothing to do but pvp and Guild Wars. There’s clearly a lot more to do now. But 3 guild events a week is just too much … especially if you want to go for top 25 in all the ranked events. I eventually gave up trying to keep up. So I left. So it’s not just people wanting to leave … real people with real money they are very willing to spend really do leave and spend their money on other games.


Thing is, people want to do all things at once, and be in top XX at once. That’s where the problem is.
Guys who used to be ‘on ladderboard’ in “every” event, need to adapt and decide:
In which events we go for ladderboard and in which we go only for minimum to get our stage rewards done.

It’s not game, that is exhausting people. It’s people themselves with their ambitious goals.

Here’s my petition to all guild masters:

Make your expectations more realistic and drop off some of requirements or you will see a constant flow of burn-out people that are leaving the game.