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Goodbye GoW

What your advice fails to realize.
And almost ironically since it was in reply to @Silchas here is.

People who play gems of war at that level are more often than not…self driven anyway. They aren’t in a top guild because they are required to be. They are in a top guild because their activity fits the style of those Requirements already.

I myself asked Silchas numerous times not to get burned out by the various things to do in the game. Unfortunately… The devs kept on keeping on. Maybe it’s their fault, maybe it’s his fault, maybe it’s no one’s fault… It’s not however… The managers fault who base their requirements off the game though. I mean come on. You’re literally blaming the middle man here. Lol

@Silchas will be the first to tell you, he would of quit the game months (if not years) before he finally did. If it weren’t for my guilds. (Which is the opposite of your argument I think.)

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I’m not blaming. I’m trying to help (maybe not directly you, but other people) :slight_smile:

Yeep, and it makes them crash with the wall of self-expectations. Setting yourself ambitious goals is great, but in Real Life. In gaming it’s usualy a sign of addiction.

…or enjoyment.
I know everyone with access to the internet is a psychologist these days. But last I checked. Hobbies, entertainment and games are still good things… specially in the world today. As long as the influence is a positive thing on ones life and done in moderation… It’s not anywhere close to addiction. Even if there’s goals or objectives attached.

It’s like I told my aunt who was worried about her 16 year old son staying home playing video games online on a Friday night with his school mates during a pandemic mind you.
Compared to what I was doing on a Friday night at the age of 16. She should be franking grateful. :grinning:


Sure, but I’ve never heard of people being burnt out because of hobby or entertainment… But heard of people (usualy professional gamers), who were burnt out by games and quit :wink:
Games are as long good as they are a hobby and/or provide entertainment. If they stop being one of these things it probably a good point to stop playing (or switch to other game in most cases).

Have a good day.

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I got burnt out of Fantasy Football and I definitely was never addicted to it. Just didn’t have enough interest in it after a bit to put time into it anymore.
Plus numerous other other video games that require time that I would play for a month or 2 and then walk away… Where as Gems of War… I’ve played for 4 years now… And I’ve been addicted to actual things in real life. So I know what addiction is… And I know what a hobby is. I don’t use terms because they are trendy or for hyperbole. Not saying you are doing so.
But each player is ultimately a decider of their own fate. And each manager is a decider of their own Requirements. And unfortunately… Though we’d like to believe one influences the other… They rarely do. 🤷
Essentially… That’s all I’m trying to say.
Have a greater day. :wink:


Yes, it’s probably my fault I quit. AW Ryan offered numerous times to put me in guilds with no requirements whatsoever, but I was too stubborn to go. But eventually the only thing that was fun was seeing myself somewhere on that Top 100 list on Guild Events. But with so many events, that became tougher and tougher. When I started, GOW was just a little grinding time waster with pvp and GW. But now there’s so much to do it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all. From campaigns to guild events to delves to arenas, it has just become all consuming. There’s just not enough time in the day to do it all and still work and have family time. Eventually I just gave up. So yes, I take responsibility for my burnout and my quitting the game. But the devs made a game that, to play correctly and well, you need the resources from all those events to do well and excel in the game. You need those orbs and resources to get the troops you need to win. It wasn’t like that when I started. But games change, and people move on. But blaming the GM is ridiculous. AW Ryan didn’t make this game. He didn’t double the amount of weekly tasks. He didn’t schedule all these guild events. GM’s are victims, in a sense. They have to work around this game that constantly changes to become ever more consuming. And he’s right, I would have quit much earlier if it weren’t for him and his excellent guild family.


Again, i’m not blaming GMs, i’m just giving them a hint (especialy for those that aren’t parts of bigger groups that shuffle people between guilds).

It’s not your fault. It’s your decision. If game stopped to be fun for you, you shouldn’t blame yourself. It’s good that you’ve quit. Different people have different definitions of “what is fun”. Life is to short to do things we don’t like.

Good luck and have fun! :slight_smile:


If they are a GM, and if they need “such a hint”.
Then they probably need a better hint.
Like they shouldn’t be a GM. :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree with Kimber as I am VIP 17 myself and as of end of guild wars this week I am also departing for good from the daily grind. It has become as kimber and others have stated. Each week the troops outdo older troops and weapons that outdo the previous weapons. We busted our butts to get resources to get Zuul and make Dawnbringer. Now new boss and weapon and you can now buy enough orbs to get them. Great!! Make it easy for newbies to catch up in 6 months way better. Uhhh in case you missed it that was sarcasm. I join a long list of players that I know who have left the game for similar reasons. Thanks kimber I might’ve not said anything. Goodbye and good riddance


I might as well sign this too. I’m done after this GW as well. My gripe is less on the FOMO and more on the disappointment that things we’ve been asking to get fixed or reworked will never happen.


I have no issue if folks want to fork out lots of $$$ to catch up. Even if they have Zul with low stats it won’t matter much. There is no way around the grind no matter how much they spend. If new folks want to support the game by emptying their wallet then more power to them. It has zero affect on me whatsoever.


No sensible reworks. No sensible fixes. Its time to leave. You have to respect a game to play it. Equally the game has to respect its players . It was fun once, a very very long time ago. Whatever its become: its not fun.


Totally agree with you. It’s just sad that there are so many people who feel this way in these forums and yet still play it. Personally if I wasn’t getting anything out of a game I wouldn’t even talk about it, much less play it.

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To a certain respect. The developers of the game have become like a bad sports team. Players/fans fell in love with them when they were good or at least enjoyed then more. And are just sticking with them in hopes of them getting better or “figuring it out” eventually.

Eventually some fans give up on those teams. Some do not. And more often than not. Owners of those sports teams take advantage of the fandom.

I feel like too often people are forced to pick the side of either liking the game or not liking the game. When more often than not… It’s a constant balance of aspects of the game that a player enjoys and other aspects that they don’t enjoy.

But the positive aspects don’t get talked about as much because what purpose would it serve essentially?
90% of the feedback here is to vent because the writer knows nothing will change based off their feedback.
And yeah I suppose it’s always nice to share appreciation to the devs once in a while even if only @Saltypatra or @Kafka out of the staff of 10-20 are the only ones that even read the forums.
But appreciation should go both ways right?
And though 14 days of Christmas gifts was nice. I feel like previous years were tremendously nicer. So as the game continues to generate more and more revenue… As it gets monetized more and more. Where’s the appreciation?
Not in words. Those days are over. But by updates for the player (not for the company)…QoL improvements or free rewards (that don’t need to be grinded thru a poorly designed Arena Mode)… They are tremendously busy behind the scenes it’s true. But all that work has not been on Gems of War. That’s very clear now.


Goodbye Kimber. I started playing GOW in 2015 and found it lacking, but when I returned a few years later, it was so much better and it just kept on improving to this day (with campaign and new arena mode). I even started a second account last year to experience how it was now for a new player.


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It’s a social experiment, aimed to see how many users would open a potentially malicious random link casually thrown in a forum thread.