Dear Developers- About people leaving your game due to recent events

Hi! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an end-gamer. DB crafted, 3k gems (low), basically unlimited gold from PVP, etc.

I have seen people saying that after your newly released Invasion mode that they will leave the game. That is bad for business. But think about how many people after trying this new mode, after last weeks mode, that don’t post here, are going to leave.

You’ve got stats that show this information and all I have is Steam Chart, but I’m willing to bet that if I, a VIP, a dedicated end gamer is refusing to shell out 100+ bucks, or whatever for your new ENERGY SYSTEM, a new game player who doesn’t even understand the basics yet is going to see this and say “oh, okay, it’s pay to win, next game.”

I WANT to play your game. I WANT to pay for things to help you guys out. I have, just look at my transaction history and VIP level. Paying for a few gems here and there to (maybe, doubtfully) open chests is DIFFERENT from what you are asking everybody to do with the ENERGY SYSTEM that REQUIRES us to purchase it, lest we will not progress in the event.

Guild Wars is a very flawed system, but it is free, it is fun, it is infuriatingly brilliant. These new modes are boring, unimaginative, and worst of all DEMAND MONEY.

“Gem Value” is not gems. Play your own game with a fresh account and see how it is for newer players, and see that they will leave once they realize it is PAY TO WIN.


The signs are here already,the first place in the pvp leaderboard on Pc/Mobile only has 380 wins(should be 400 soonish)and im at the 32th place with 105 wins after almost an entire day.Seems like huge amount of people couldnt take it anymore,or just everyone is taking a break,OR maybe they banned the huge amount of bots.I never thought that i will ever see myself on the pvp leaderboard with 105 wins 16 hours after reset with the 4x speed.

Also, restricting troop type or kingdom is fun and challenging for us vets.
But it’s brutal for new players.
Think they all have 4 beast all leveled and traités up?


If only there was some communication. The only feedback we get is about bugs.

They said they were going to look at how things progressed during raid. It just finished yesterday, so yeah, I’ll wait a little. But besides bugs, it’s almost radio silence. I’d very much like a straightforward explanation about how and where they are taking this game, instead of witty responses and exchanges. I take the game “seriously” in the sense I’m invested in it.

Until raids/shop/rewards, I’ve never considered quitting the game, and I am now. If you open the destiny reddit, it’s pretty much threads about how the game used to be. Bring back something. And the franchise is pretty much dead now. Can only hope they fix gems before it’s too late, cause veterans are leaving and it’s not because there are better alternatives out there.


I’m not going anywhere.


Oh, good, everyone can stop worrying now.


That was actually funny, fair play.


I don’t see the issue with these new game modes…
You don’t want to spend gems? Just do it and don’t play these modes.
You don’t like the new game modes? Don’t play it, not everything in this game should be done for all the players. PVP/Arena/Explore are still there.
No GW? There was no GW for 2 years…


Aww, I knew you cared so much about me, thanks!


Yeah, because all the great games are great because they take away features. You would make a great addition to this fine dev team. At least you guys will always have @Santandrix


And many others my friend, this hasn’t chased everyone away, only a few, unfortunately, but hey, that’s life, you can’t please everyone, all of the time.


I think it’s healthy to leave a game after you reach the point where you feel like there is no more “up” to go.

For a lot of GoW’s oldest players, I can’t fathom what the devs can do in a realistic timeframe to give them an “up” that won’t be devoured in a matter of a couple of weeks. For it to be “a challenge” to them, it also has to be “inaccessible to lower-level players”. Those people are at the bottom of the curve, most likely to want to spend money on the game. So it’s not worth alienating them to please the people at the top who have nothing left to spend money on.

It’s OK to get bored and leave a game. It’s not always a flaw. I played 800+ hours of Final Fantasy VI when I was in middle school and had nothing else to do. It was amazing to me then. Now that I have all the systems memorized, it’s not so fun anymore. The game’s not worse, I just devoured it and desire new experiences.

I’m sure the devs would like to retain those old players, but realistically speaking I think it’s better to focus on the far ends of the mid-game: “transitioning newbies” need to feel like it’s all worth it, and “high-end midgamers” need to form the new endgamers. If all the lower-end playerbase sees is the same old guilds yawning their way through every event, it’s not going to motivate them to put in the time, effort, and/or money to get there.

Don’t get me wrong, I am salty as heck about some of the issues in the game, but I forget that if I focus on the parts of the game I like. It’s only when I’m on the forums I start to get mad. I don’t think that’s a good thing, both because “there are unaddressed issues” and “I don’t like getting mad”. But I’m not irked that endgamers are leaving.

That’s however many less Dawnbringers in Arena, baby.


Lmao :joy:


You’re smoking some seriously heavy stuff if you think mid game folks are spending A FEW HUNDRED to place 1st every few weeks… hell even every few months. This is no AS A mainstream game with QUALITY releases of content and bug fixes. This is a step above indie release from johns basement.

Of course midgame people aren’t spending a few hundred to place 1st every few weeks. That’s because 1st has been placed so far away from them the smart ones know they need to spend a few thousand to catch up.

The “carrot on a stick” analogy is very apt for F2P games. It’s the dev’s job to keep the carrot where players think they can reach it, and offer little boosts for insignificant amounts of money that give a taste of that sweet, sweet carrot before moving it slightly further out of reach.

In Gems of War, the carrot is 10 miles away and for $49.99 you get a telescope to point at it. Then, once a month, they pick up the carrot and move it another mile away.

But somehow the VIP point system talked people into paying $1k and upwards and putting in 2 years to get to that carrot. I don’t really get it. But as someone who has been in “the TDS phase” of the game for going on 3 months, it’s getting really old to see every week go by and no progress.


I’m a new player. I like the new content. I don’t find it confusing. TBH, this game is casual compared to some other games out there. The raids and invasion are a gem sink, yes, but they’re a fun challenge. Although, I think a lot of people have said, and I agree, that the rewards could be better.

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I’m also an end-gamer, level 1141. I like the new game modes, kind of breaks up the monotony of GW. The biggest thing I have an issue with is the constant AI extra turns in PVP. 10+ turns in a row is ridiculous. It almost seems like the AI is cheating when it constantly gets extra turns and mana surges. My VIP level is almost 8 so I have put a few $$$ into supporting this game. I wont spend anymore $$ until the AI in PVP is brought under control.

I am an end gamer working on collecting the rest of the mythic troops. I am vip 5 nearly 6. This is the 1st month since the ring of wonder started that I have not purchased it. I want to, but I won’t because I don’t like the direction the game is taking and therefore no longer wish to give monetary support.

The only new feature I like is the gnomes. Raid/Invasion/Bounty bore me. Not to mention that they are terrible fare for new players who lack the troops to even participate. Guild war may be a grind for some, but every player can do guild war, not every player can do the new modes.


I have played it without buying a single tier. I refuse to buy a single tier. If it becomes mandatory for my guild, I will have a good discussion with them but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I think I’ve been too blinded by the pay to play/win aspect too much to fully take in how BORING it is fighting the same battle over and over again. It is simply boring… it does not interest or entertain me at all. I appreciate the effort of course, and I’m sorry to say what I’m saying, but is is BORING.