Farewell & Goodbye GoW

I know this type of thread usually results in some trolling from those whom dislike when people say goodbye. However I have been a part of this community for over 1.5 years.

I would like to say, good luck to the developers and all the long time players whom I both agreed with and disagreed with.

I don’t know the real reason why I’m leaving, but it guess it has come down to boredom, I used to look forward to logging in daily and I couldn’t play enough GoW. Now I wonder why I’m logging in and what is my purpose or what are my goals to achieve. I had hoped Guild Wars would have been something else that would have kept my interest in the game for longer than I had. However its just not my cup of tea. I don’t want to rant about GW in this thread, I have done that enough over the past month hoping for changes.

The recoding of GoW into Unity has both positive and negative aspects. First version of it was using 2.6gb of ram, and eventually froze after a couple hours playing. This is not GoW’s fault, however my PC that I was playing GoW on the Hard Drive data was corrupted at the same time of the freeze of GoW. I had to completely reformat and reinstall windows, upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and the ram usage went down to under 600mb, the game feels better running on Win 10 vs Win 7. There are other threads that discuss the positive/negatives and I’ll leave those there.

I will probably linger/lurk around the forums for awhile, as this was a major part of my gaming for the past couple years.

Take care,


I think we all hoped for something more interesting and dynamic. I know I did, based almost entirely that the “Guild Guardians are going to play a roll in Guild Wars” minor comment from almost a 9 months(?) ago. When I saw it is just 5 PvP battles, with a few stat bonuses, I was disappointed.

My personal hope, is that once the Unity port is fully worked out, the Development team will have time to look at some other game modes or expansion of GWs.

Take a break, find some other games, and check back in 6 months or so. By then the new mini-game may be fun, and crafting might pull some of the grind and randomness frustration out.

If it weren’t for Orcs and some other positive troop buffs, I’d probably be gone. Right now, I’m having too dang much fun with how I want to try to apply their mechanics. Humility is one the top of the list with Gar’Nok, after I saw how interesting that combination can be in GWs.


Good luck brudda and i hope you find something to play that is both exciting and fulfilling. If you decide to come back to GoW pm me and im sure we can make a spot for you😎

I’m in the same boat, Aero. I called it a day at the start of the week.

Best of luck with your future endeavors.


Sorry tonsee you guys go, but There is tons of fun stuff out there, so I know you wont be bored.

Hopefully we’ll see you back someday!

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

I don’t know you, but goodbye and good luck :slight_smile:

This is more or less the whole problem.
We are playing the same thing for a year now. People are starting to get borred with it. We did not get any real change of the game since traits were implemented. We got events? Sure, those are cool, and buffing somr troops can turn our to be nice (most of the times its irrelevant tho). Theres a lot of potential with events but it isnt used in a proper way. Quests are not fun, and they are still mostly about grinding in PvP. After that we got GW? So we got more PvP but with different colors. Its still PvP.

I think we might get some change in game with crafting system, but the thing that is making long time players quit is repetitivenes without anything new to do.


We do have the option of treasure maps :innocent:

Its a match 3 game, you’ll only ever do pretty much the same thing. They do a good job of injecting new life into the game but it can’t go on forever. It’s a shame when folks quit but that’s the nature of the beast. It’s very frustrating at the moment, especially on console and I’m not surprised folks are starting to drift away from the game.